Carnival fair games is classic . It is popular over 100 years and all people from all over the world are like to play. It is always appear at the outside square or game center. It is really a good choice for festival or outside dating. There are over 50 kinds popular different carnival game booth  which cover dart balloon, ring toss, basketball and act. The carnival booth game suitable for all age players. From 3 age to 80 yeas. With best interactive game which leave the good profit to the carnival game booth operator.

The Live Show For Carnival Game Booth|Carnival Fair Game Booth Made In China

Our company is decide in the carnival game booth  develop, design, manufacture and sell over 10 years. Till now, we have over 30 different kinds of the games and sell over hundreds of countries. Affect by the Covid-19, from 2020, more and more foreign clients cannot come to our factory to get the experience. So we set up the live show to show the game machine manufacture, assembly, testing, material and play. Hope it is help all of the clients get more info about our company and our game machines. The live show at Oct. 8th CST 15:00 . The live show continued over 2 hours and well received the good feedback from our clients.

About Host

  • The first live host is our Top Sales Chloe who have over 10 years industry foreign trade experience and service over 50 game centers from all over the world. She is very familiar with the game center project set up, design, plan and operation.

Top Sales Chloe

About The Place

  • The first live show, we are set up in our carnival game booth manufacture factory. In this live show, we show all of the steps which included the manufacture equipment, material choice, manufacture technology, assembly. All clients will get the info from this show just at home. Mostly the one who want to purchase or you have purchase but don’t know  how to assembly, use or maintain. Welcome to our live show to get what you want.

About The Place

About The Show

The classic carnival game booth cover throw the ball, balloon shooting, darts, gun shooting and sandbag shooting. In addition, there are some other hot-selling products, you can email us to get the catalog. This live show has showed you the classic carnival booth game machine from China. Two of the gameplay methods are balloon shooting and dart shooting, and the production process.

Carnival Game Booth Outside Looks

  • The standard size of the carnival booth is 3 meters wide by 3 meters long. But if your place is a little smaller or larger than the standard size, we also support customization, and the external appearance also supports customization with your logo and ideas. We will provide you with free design support after placing the order. In the live show, we showed the carnival balloon shooting booth machine. The appearance structure and details of the booth machine were shown up close, including: balloons, construction materials, shooting machine guns, bullets, close-up game cabinets, power supplies, internal structure and so on.

The Live Show For Carnival Game Booth|Carnival Fair Game Booth Made In China


  • We all know that the carnival game booth is set up outdoors. So when the business hours are over, you need to suspend the booth machine and take away some gifts to avoid losing the prizes. It is very troublesome and cumbersome to place and set up prizes again when it is open the next day. But our company upgraded the booth machine to solve this problem perfectly. Our company has set up a front door with a stretch door to support the operator to lock it after using the booth closing machine. No need to move or take away prizes, reducing operating costs. Make your use more convenient.

The Live Show For Carnival Game Booth|Carnival Fair Game Booth Made In China

Balloon Shooting Paly

  • Use the machine gun to aim the balloon. The more you shoot, the more prizes you get. Balloon shooting is the most popular and best-selling booth machine game.

The Live Show For Carnival Game Booth|Carnival Fair Game Booth Made In China

Convenient play change

  • In order to save costs for your long-term use, our company has designed a structure that can replace core gameplay components. In other words, you can buy and replace the internal gameplay without changing the appearance to become a carnival booth game with a brand new gameplay. In the live show, we also carried out related demonstrations, replacing the original balloon shooting with dart shooting.

The Live Show For Carnival Game Booth|Carnival Fair Game Booth Made In China

Dart shooting play

  • Show the details of the dart board and darts and how to play darts. Aiming at the dart board, the higher the score, the more prizes you will get in the end. The prize rules are set by the merchant.

The Live Show For Carnival Game Booth|Carnival Fair Game Booth Made In China

The live showed the production steps, raw materials, game accessories, etc.:

  • The raw materials include: hardware, plywood, flame-retardant shed cloth, marquee (detailed display of live raw materials);
  • Game accessories: according to different programs, balloons, darts (magnet + plastic), guns (plastic), dolls (textiles), bottles (glass), basketballs (rubber), etc. (show details of game accessories);
  • The production steps include: determining the size, confirming the design, cutting board (laser cutting), making components (bending, punching, welding, etc.), making game content; assembling each part (showing the production process steps).

The above is the full content of the live show of our carnival booth. The success of this live show made us feel the enthusiasm of our customers. This enthusiasm gave us a lot of encouragement. The live show method allows us to communicate with customers without borders and distances, from R&D, design, production, sales and service, and after-sales service to one-stop solutions to your problems; from the factory to the office, let customers understand us in all directions! We will continue Launch more product live broadcasts, so that you can better understand our products, and look forward to your continued attention.

The Live Show For Carnival Game Booth|Carnival Fair Game Booth Made In China

Finally, our best sales Monica will meet you in the live show room at CST 9:00 am on October 12th! Take you into the colorful world of amusement equipment naughty castle. The content of the live broadcast is divided into six categories: product introduction, gameplay display, installation explanation, application place, case analysis, teaching you to get the highest profit with the least cost. Don’t miss it, click the link below to go to the live room to schedule a live broadcast. Finally, please enjoy the live broadcast trailer of o sales Monica on October 12th.

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