Kids Indoor Playground is one of the children’s amusement equipment. It has the characteristics of randomness, no power, interaction and safety. Randomness means that it is not restricted by the venue. It can be installed indoors, outdoors, or in irregular venues, and the management is simple. It has no power equipment and is easy to maintain; it saves operating costs invisibly and provides a wide range of profitability for game operators.

Live Show From The Best Soft Playgoround Supplier From China for Playground

Kids indoor playground covers a wide range of game players, both adults and children can participate, and the interaction is strong. At the same time, it also guarantees the safety of the players and is also a popular factor among buyers. Soft playground is a new generation of children’s activity center.

It can be said that it is a new and highly comprehensive children’s playground. It is designed for children’s nature like drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, swaying, swinging, jumping, shaking, etc., so that children can cultivate independence while playing. Personality, physical exercise, brain strengthening and intelligence.

Live Show From The Best Soft Playgoround Supplier From China for Playground

Company qualification and experience: Our company is a professional amusement equipment manufacturer and exporter, with more than 10 years of foreign trade experience, more than 10 soft playground designers, our workshop covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, and hundreds of amusement centers around the world have business contacts.

Our company can help you design various styles of soft playground, such as: forest, ocean, candy, macaron, castle, space exploration, carnival, machinery, galaxy, pirate ship…any style you can think of. And other: euipment such as ninja Routes, zip lines, climbing walls, trampoline parks…

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Due to the outbreak and spread of the covid-19, many overseas customers cannot come to China to to visit our factory, that’s one of the importatnt reason we decide to make a live stream to  provide customers product demonstrations. We has meticulously prepared to show customers the production, assembly, how to play the game, and strive to provide customers with the most direct product information, so that customers can fully understand the quality and performance of our products. The live stream started at 9:00 on October 12th, Beijing time, lasting 2 hours and 40 minutes, and received wide acclaim from customers. The following are the live stream detais.

Anchor Introduction

  • For this live stream, our company chose gold medal sales Monica as the anchor. She has 8 years of industry foreign trade experience, has served more than 54 amusement projects from all over the world, is responsible for discussion, consultation, planning, setting and tracking, and fully understands the amusement equipment industry all process from production to after-sales.

Live Show From The Best Kids Indoor Playground Supplier From China 2022

Site selection

  • The live stream site is our kids indoor playground amusement equipment factory,which covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. The first floor is for raw material production, processing and inspection, and the second floor is the exhibition hall of soft playground. The live stream allows customers who cannot come to China, to experience the soft playground equipment and understand our product quality and production process through the live stream.

Live steam content


  • Overall introduction
  • First, we introduce the soft playground around the show room as follows:
  • What’s in the soft playground?
  • Kids indoor playground usually includes: drill hole, ocean ball pool, trampoline, balance platform, slide, single-plank bridge, swing bridge, aerial tackle, croissant, massage ball, slide tube, rainbow ladder, rocking fun, rock climbing, chain bridge, driving cabin , Spiral slide, small turntable, treasure ship, happy octopus, flying saucer, carbine, cannon, automatic gun, cartoon partition, sky car, volcanic eruption, animal spray ball, electric coconut tree, carousel, electric octopus , Crooked tree and other project facilities.

Yuto (Guangzhou)Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd

Product play show

  • Each kind of soft playground equipment has a different function, and we have introduced them in the live stream one by one.
  • Single-plank bridge: Establish physical balance, improve physical harmony, and exercise children’s courage.
  • Swing bridge: Establish body balance and improve body harmony. Exercise children’s courage.
  • Air gliding: exercise physical fitness and inspire children’s courage to overcome difficulties.
  • Trampoline: exercise his leg muscles and improve body harmony.
  • Massage ball: test children’s vestibular balance ability and sense of gravity.
  • Small turntable: The handrails on the high platform that children rotate slowly can create for them to actively maintain their body balance and develop their coordination skills in sports.
  • Happy Octopus: During equal rotation, children use climbing and climbing methods to maintain body balance and promote the development of children’s endurance of the waist, back, abdomen and limbs.

Explained the design process of the kids indoor playground:

  • The customer provides the site size or site floorplan
  • Specific length, width and height, the location of the door, whether there are pillars or obstacles in the venue
  • We will make layout according to your requirements.
  • Customer confirm the design, and we calculate the price and quote price according to the design.
  • Confirm the design and sign the contract.

Yuto (Guangzhou)Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd

Kids Indoor playground Installation Introduction

During the live stream, our company carried out the installation and demonstration of the soft playground, and conducted one-on-one close-up teaching to the customers in the live stream room and got a good response.

  • Step 1: laying the floor mat;
  • Step 2: building the steel frame;
  • Step 3: pulling the net;
  • Step 4: guaranteeing the pipe;
  • Step 5: installing netcom, single-plank bridge, rainbow ladder, grid, rainbow roller, sliding Slide, gun area;
  • Step 6: Install trampoline;
  • Step 7: Install decorative panels;
  • Step 8: Install ball pool, platform board, knife hill obstacle, etc.;
  • Step 9 Place the bar and pour the ocean ball ,The installation is complete.

Reminder: Customers who want to buy or have purchased our products, but have not seen the installation process this time, don’t worry.Although technicians cannot go to the site to install during the epidemic, we provide online technical support and will show the details to customers The installation guide steps, with the installation step instructions. Provide lifetime technical support.

Yuto (Guangzhou)Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd

Workshop introduction

Material details

The materials used to make Naughty Castle must be environmentally friendly and safe, because most of them are for children to have fun, which is quite important. Our material selection standards are non-toxic, odorless, environmentally safe, and flame-retardant materials. In the live broadcast, the quality of the materials was shown up close one by one as follows:

  • Material of plastic parts: imported colored plastic, slides: 10mm, other categories: 5mm, low-density polyethylene added with anti-ultraviolet stabilizer and anti-static agent, high strength, smooth surface, safety and environmental protection, good weather resistance, not easy to fade ;
  • Column cover material: cast aluminum alloy, surface treatment: outdoor polyester system (polyesr/TGIC system) resin powder coating baking paint;
  • Material of steel pipe fittings: outer diameter 28/32/38/48/60/thickness 2.5m welded pipe. Surface treatment: outdoor polyester system (polyesr/TGIC system) resin powder coating baking varnish;
  • Canvas top material: imported PVC cloth .45mm .55mm.
  • Platform material: high-strength cold-rolled steel plates with thicknesses of 2.0 and 2.5 are punched, and the surface is micro-wavy after special process treatment, which is safe and beautiful and has good anti-skid properties. Surface treatment: A, non-slip plastic coating B, resin baking paint;
  • Material of hardware parts: stainless steel half round head, T-shaped flat head screw. Surface treatment: mechanical polishing;
  • Fastener material: fasteners are connected by stainless steel screws, and rubber pads are added to the contact points of the buckle and the column, and the machine-meter fastening screws are used to enhance its safety;
  • Wooden material: The wooden parts are all imported wood-African yellow rosewood, with a diameter of 95cm. Pillar material: adopts Φ120mm and Φ114mm national standard galvanized pipes, thickness 2.5mm, after overall processing, rust removal and sand polishing are carried out by a special process, surface treatment: outdoor polyester system (polyesr/TGIC system) resin powder coating baking varnish, high temperature curing ,Smooth surface, anti-ultraviolet, bright colors, not easy to fall off, etc.

Yuto (Guangzhou)Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd

Production Display

  • Our company demonstrated the production (warm reminder that the production of soft playground usually lasts about 20 days), warehousing, shipping, and details of packaging methods and packaging materials such as foam, paper, nylon bags, cartons and so on. The above is all the content of our company’s soft playground live stream.

Yuto (Guangzhou)Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd

Last but not the least, at 15:00, 2021.10.15, Beijing time, our masonry sales Zara will meet you in the live stream room,introduce you our dart machines, and take you into the profitable world of dart machines. The live content is divided into two parts. In six categories: product introduction, gameplay display, installation explanation, application site, case analysis, teach you to get the highest profit with the least cost, and look forward to meeting you. Finally, please enjoy the live stream trailer of our company’s masonry sales Zara on October 15th!

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