All Tips For Dance Rhythm Game Machine Are Here

What is Dance Arcade Rhythm Games?

  • The dancing machine was launched in Japan in 1998 and then spread to Taiwan. In China, the dancing machine is still in the process of development. The earliest dance machine is called Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR for short. This is a music rhythm type game. The biggest difference from traditional video games is that traditional video games use a remote control stick and buttons or a four-button handle, while the dance machine uses the player’s feet to complete the game.
  • In April 1999, Sony Corporation of Japan transplanted the dancing machine into a home PS (PlayStation) version and began to release it. Not only teenagers like to play, but many adults also become fascinated by it. Many Hong Kong and Taiwan stars have also become “dancing masters” one after another, such as Jacky Cheung, Xiaochun Chen, and Junru Wu. Later, with the emergence of dancing mats, many housewives also became fascinated by this game. They regarded this game as a weight loss exercise.

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What kinds of the dance game machine included?

  • Dancing machines are available for single player and double player. The difficulty can be divided into eight levels to suit players of different levels. The simplest one is “Have You Ever Been Me llow” with music, which only requires six actions of “front, back, front, back, front, and left” to complete. Of course, if you don’t even have an eighth level, then you might as well try some fancy styles created by the master dance forest. For example, you can play handstands. Like breakdancing, use your knees to hit the ground instead. Don’t turn around and play “doubles” by yourself. The four pedals you usually play have become eight, so you can use your hands and feet together, and you’re very busy.
  • There are also many different types of dance machines to choose from, such as Dancer Star, Dance Baze, E-Dance Fame, Dance Dance rush stardom, Hot Dance Partner, Dance Cube 2, Hyun Dancer, Dance Cube2, Dance Cube2, Dance Central, Hand dance and foot dance 4, dance king for hegemony, streamer magic sound, D dance master, supreme dance king, etc

2022 Best Dance Rhythm Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Dance Rhythm Game Machine for sale

There are 4 version for dance game machine and also the pump it up arcade machine

  • Most people in the 1st generation rarely see the 4-legged ones, which are up, down, left, and right. There is no hand sensing.
  • The second generation believes that many people have played with 3 feet and 2 hands. The tread is circular and divided into 3 parts, namely the upper left and the upper right and the back (that is, the bottom). The hand feels right in front, and there are 2 shiny circles. Shape sensor, with armrest behind the tread
  • The appearance of the 3rd generation and the 4th band is the same, but the 4th generation has upgraded the software and added songs and modes (play). It is a 4-legged 4-handed version, which is the upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right hand induction. The front, back, left, and right have made great progress in this area. The hand feel is all hidden (actually on the top of your head). There is no armrest after the 3rd and 4th generations.
  • Pump it up dance game machine is a very popular model abroad. The gameplay is almost the same, but there is no hand sensing, but the bottom is 5 feet. They are top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, and there are armrests in the middle and back.

2022 Best Dance Rhythm Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Dance Rhythm Game Machine for sale

 How to exercise the dance game machine?

  • Dance machine is not the same as other video games. You can play it all the time if you don’t come first. If there are other players, they usually play in turns per wave, one game or two games at a time.
  • Line up in the order of coin insert, don’t cast too many coins at a time, just one or two rounds at a time. And don’t wait for the people next to the dancing machine to finish playing and leave before queuing! Dancing machines are very popular. Generally, there is rarely a situation where there is not a player next to you. If you don’t go forward and insert a coin in the line, people will think you are a crowd of onlookers. It is very likely that you will not be able to play after waiting all afternoon.
  • Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

2022 Best Dance Rhythm Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Dance Rhythm Game Machine for sale

The first thing to overcome is your own psychological barriers

  • There are many friends who really want to try, but feel that they don’t know how to dance. They lose face when they go up, and they can only sit around and watch people dance very happy. It is true that everyone is in a hurry when they first get on the dance machine. What is more difficult to overcome is the tension and embarrassment of showing yourself in front of others, but once you get used to it you will enjoy the opportunity to show yourself. When you are just learning, it’s best to see if there are anyone who will meet on the dance machine, and sincerely invite others to take you. If you are more sincere, please spend a few more coins to ask others to take the dance. Choose the cooperation mode, so that you can again. Try a song with a slightly higher degree of difficulty without worrying about wasting coins in seconds. If I choose the learning mode, I think learning is too slow. You can jump to the performance mode from the beginning, and generally songs are 3 times faster.

2022 Best Dance Rhythm Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Dance Rhythm Game Machine for sale

Start practicing on your own

  • Novices can choose the performance mode-3x speed-go to the middle button, choose some songs with fewer stars and strong rhythm. For example: Body rock, Booty music. Jump and practice more naturally, you can do it easily. Follow the rhythm of the song, jump up and relax your limbs. If it is too rigid, it will not look good. If you don’t have the dancing skills, it seems that no matter how you practice it, it just won’t fail on any piece of music, and you can jump to S for frequently-dancing pieces, but it’s not particularly beautiful, and it doesn’t have the sense of accomplishment at the beginning over time. At this time, you will encounter a bottleneck period. I feel that the difficulty is not enough and not challenging. It is still those few songs that you are jumping around. At this time, you have left the novice stage and you can consider upgrading.

2022 Best Dance Rhythm Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Dance Rhythm Game Machine for sale

Incorporate into your own habits and dance steps

  • Rhythm: Following the rhythm of the song, making a wave, twisting, or even like poping, each action has a pause, which is a bonus. The larger the movement range, the better-looking. Hand movement: You can make a fist, slash like a hand knife, or swing it in a fan shape. These hand movements are not only a small habit of everyone, but also can be changed according to the genre of the song. For example, you can clap your hands when you dance BANG BANG BANG, and you can snap your fingers when you dance Uptowm Funk, and dance the most dazzling ethnic style. You can get a folding fan at that time. Turn around: When you have to press the same key 3 times or more, remember where the next key is pressed, and then! Boldly turn a handsome circle. Learn to choreograph a good dance: There are always some great gods who will choreograph according to the script and music. You can find videos to learn. Backing the footsteps: Find your favorite songs, search the footsteps on the Internet, then you can choose to jump backwards, and then jump in front of the surrounding audience. Although the process of recitation will be difficult, the results will be very pleasant.

2022 Best Dance Rhythm Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Dance Rhythm Game Machine for sale

Crazy mode:

  • faster than performance mode, it is the entry level of racing mode. Racing mode: Those who pursue speed can practice the crazy mode of performance first, and then advance to the crazy mode of racing. If you can’t respond at the beginning, you can go first. My suggestion is to find someone who can jump racing with you, and practice more without wasting coins. Novice racing players generally die in seconds. With Bach, Sorry Sorry can be used to practice speed. Some slightly technical content of the song can be found on the Internet, footsteps, climbing stairs footsteps tutorials. Jump more, practice more, and enjoy the soreness and sweat of the leg muscles that the racing brings. Couple mode: Two people dance together, changing positions while jumping, which is fun. Two-pedal mode: 1P, 2P alone, you can run at will, but it is recommended to try cautiously, because you can’t cross that far, you can’t run!

 How much for dance game machine?

  • The brand-new dance machine generally ranges from USD2500 to USD15000. Depending on the model (PIU/E5/DSS, etc…), the TV monitor and the computer are integrated. There are dedicated factory staff responsible for installation and commissioning. If you buy second-hand, it will cost a few thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars.

2022 Best Dance Rhythm Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Dance Rhythm Game Machine for sale

Where you can purchase the dance game machine.

2022 Best Dance Rhythm Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Dance Rhythm Game Machine for sale

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