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Yuto Animation is a manufacturing and trading combo company, specializing in different kinds of arcade game machines, such as sports related game machines (dart machines, basketball game machine, air hockey, skee ball, boxing game etc.), video racing /shooting game, redemption ticket game , kids game machine, gift vending game machines etc. We also provide one-stop amusement project plan and operation assistance service, including the game machine selection advise, layout design, install suggestion and operation assistance. With more than than 15 years production experience, now we have more than 10 game machine designers. Our factory  covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. Zara, our professional arcade game machine sales will take you into the world of dart machines in a live show.

2022 Best Dart Machines Made in china|Factory Price Dart Machines for sale

First of all, darts is an indoor sport that is popular all over the world. It is an easy-play leisure sport that integrates fun and competition. It originated in England in the 15th century. It was a small disc-type metal dart played by aristocrats and gentlemen in bars. . Because of its simple and easy-to-master technology, darts does not require special venues and facilities, and no need to many people join. It is also regardless of age and gender. Now a days it has been very popular in some countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia, and there are 200,000 in the United States. At the dart station, there are 30 million people who are keen on darts, so the dart machine is one of the products with the lowest investment cost and the highest profit in the arcade game category. In the Chinese old saying, “only make money but not lose”.

2022 Best Dart Machines Made in china|Factory Price Dart Machines for sale

Anchor qualification:

  • Zara professional in arcade game industry for more than 10 years , serving more than 54 amusement projects from all over the world, responsible for discussion, consultation, planning, setting and tracking, and fully understanding video game consoles All processes from production to after-sales.

2022 Best Dart Machines Made in china|Factory Price Dart Machines for sale

Venue selection:

  • The venue is selected in the production base of our dart machine factory. Our arcade game machine production base covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. Customers who cannot come to China to experience the product can learn about the quality and production process of the dart machine and our products through live streaming.

2022 Best Dart Machines Made in china|Factory Price Dart Machines for sale

Live Content:

Live broadcast display:

  • In recent years, the dart machine has made a qualitative leap in terms of appearance and gameplay. Compared with the rigid dart machine, the electronic network dart machine can realize automatic counting, scoring and result display. The electronic network dart machine has a variety of built-in dart games. In addition to the traditional high-score games, Cricket, and 01 games, a simple and easy-to-use practice game is also designed for novice darts to help improve darts skills. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the business premises, we have designed and developed more entertaining and playable dart games. For example, in night venues such as bars, we have developed “Hit or Drink”, “Big Bull” and other dart games that help increase the sales of bar drinks.
  • The electronic network dart machine fully realizes the real global networking function. By swiping the card, the game data and records will be displayed and archived on the member website simultaneously. At the same time, through the networked dart machine, players can realize online battles in different places. (Especially when the circulation remains unchanged during the epidemic, it is possible to play against friends without going out, adding fun to the game and promoting friendship.) During the live broadcast, our company detailed the appearance and details of the following dart machines.

2022 Best Dart Machines Made in china|Factory Price Dart Machines for sale

Different kinds of dart machine display :

  • The wall-mounted dart machine is a luxurious integrated dart board (touch screen), the size is 100*65*8 cm, and the weight is 31 kg. It can play 24 games. The product highlights are simple and generous in design and rich in games, including online games. , Standard international darts games, fun games, professional competitive games.
  • The rack-mounted dart machine is a commercial fully integrated dart board, the size is 110*65*20cm , the material is alloy, and the weight is 33 kg. It is with 17 games. The product highlight is an integrated coin acceptor , suitable for popular places and commercial purposes, such as bars, restaurants, etc.
  • The star version (dart machine) has 8 modes (including eye protection mode) and 8 color options. The background color can be set in the background; this product is a new alloy material; with 24 games ; the screen is 32/ 21.5-inch high-definition screen; the body color is currently the most popular matte black, luxury and lightening designed and cost-effective models, suitable for bars/KTVs, and some dark places.
  • The exclusive version of the dart machine, the new alloy material; can play 26 games; the screen is 32/23.6 high-definition screen; full-featured configuration, more games, suitable for some high-end places, such as government, high-end office, etc. .
  • The flagship version of the dart machine is made of new alloy material; it is with 26 games; the screen is a 32/21.5 high-definition screen; this product is the most luxurious dart game machine, the color of the dart board can be changed, and it is suitable for Hotels with 5/6 stars and above, professional dart games and so on.

2022 Best Dart Machines Made in china|Factory Price Dart Machines for sale

Detailed display of dart machine:

  • In the live broadcast, the appearance of the target was introduced in detail, including: the standard international target, the British standard target, the introduction of the target score (tool), the target board with variable colors, and the target board with other customized colors.

2022 Best Dart Machines Made in china|Factory Price Dart Machines for sale

Live Play Show:

  • 01 games, including 301, 501, 701, 901, 1101, and 1501. The rules are roughly the same, except for the number of points, you can choose single/double bullseye, normal/double entry, normal/double/triple out. Take 301 as an example. In a round of ten rounds, each player starts with 301 points, and the player’s points decrease with the score of the throw. The first to reduce the points to 0 wins. If no player after the ten rounds of throwing is completed, the points are reduced to 0. Then the player with the lowest points wins. If the player hits a certain dart, the points are reduced to the points that cannot end the game (normally the points are less than 0; the double-out points are ≤1; the triple-out points are ≤2 or under the double/triple zone conditions, the score is in the middle of the game. The double zone/triple zone reduces the points to 0) as “blasting darts”. After blasting occurs, the round of scoring is cancelled, and the round of throwing ends at the same time, and it is the next player’s turn to throw the darts. The one whose score is reduced to 0 or the one with the low score wins.
  • Cricket game: the object of throwing is the number and the center. When the opponent does not close a certain number, the player first throws the number three darts to close, and then hits to get the corresponding points, but when both players are closed After the number, throw again without scoring, the player must first close the number and the center, and then throw the opponent’s unclosed number to add points.
  • The rules of the high score game: each player throws eight rounds, based on zero points, plus points for the purpose, the high scorer wins.
  • Bermudian game: each player starts throwing darts from 12 divisions, 3 darts in each round, if 3 darts hit the 12 divisions within 3 darts, they can get the score and enter the next division (13 points) ), and so on, until the end of the heart throw, if the target score is not scored within 3 darts, the original score will be halved, and the player with the highest score at the end of the game will win.
  • Introduction to the game rules of the Tic Tac Toe game: Only for two players. The first player uses X as the code, and the second player uses O as the code. At the beginning, the computer will display a well shape, and the player will hit a certain one. The number 4 times, you can get the point. When a team scores certain points, they can make additional points. The single score loop counts 1 time, the double score loop counts 2 times, the triple score loop counts 3 times, and the most First win 3 consecutive symbol positions, and if they pass three draws, the winner will be determined by the player’s score.
  • Pursue 301 game rules: At the beginning, each player scores 0 points, and the first to reach 301 points is the winner. When the player’s score is the same as other players’ scores, the opponent’s score will be blown to 0 points, if When the player’s score exceeds 301 points, the score will become 301 minus the round score.
  • HIT OR DRINK game rules: At the beginning of each round, a random partition will appear, and players can score by hitting this partition or bull area. If the player fails to score any three darts in the round, half of the total points will be deducted and a penalty glass will appear. The player with the highest total score after reaching the maximum number of rounds wins.
  • (8) BIG BULL game rules: The inner single zone and the center are regarded as the BULL zone, 50 points are counted, red hearts count 75 points, black hearts count 100 points, and other divisions are scored according to normal conditions. Players are based on 0 points, 8 rounds, the highest scorer wins.
  • Russian roulette game: 20 cups respectively represent the 1-20 divisions. If you hit the zone with wine, you must drink the wine inside. If you hit the zone without wine, this zone will be filled with wine after one round (Red Heart Zone Will not be filled with alcohol), if you hit the zero division, it will automatically be judged as drinking a round. After the game is over, the game will prompt the number of cups to drink and the player with the least drink will win (if the same, the first hand will be judged as a victory)
  • BEER HUNTER beer hunter game: The store can set up the designated target area and corresponding prizes by itself. Each round has three darts, such as hitting three darts and hearts. Prizes: half a dozen beer. Hit 2 20 divisions and 1 red heart. Prizes: 1 serving of potato chips and 2 beer. Prizes and scores to be hit can be set!
  • The rules of the horse racing game: from 1 to 20 to the heart, the player hits the heart and wins, hitting the double and triple areas correspond to two and three moves forward.
  • Fighting Seven game rules: enter the game, the rolling numbers on the game interface are randomly given,The player throws a dart to make the rolling score rotate. The score of the player throwing the dart is added to the rolling score. If a “7” appears, it will be scored. It does not matter whether the 7 appears in the ones, tens, or hundredth place——After the addition, the number contains a 7, and the player can get the score of the shot×1;After the addition, there are two 7s in the number, and the player can get the score of the shot × 2;After the addition, there are three 7s in the number, and the player can get the score in the shot×3+the score in JackPot;After the addition, if the number does not contain 7, the player’s score will be added to POOL and Jackpot, and the POOL score will be obtained by the player who hits 7 next time.
  • remote network battle: After the two sides are connected, the official battle can start. The camera area will display the images seen by the cameras of both machines.Players can check whether it is their turn to shoot the darts according to the prompts. After hitting the three darts, just draw the darts directly. If there is a miss in the three darts, just press the confirm button to skip it after finishing hitting.The automatic exit countdown will restart the timer when the player shoots the dart.If the automatic exit countdown is reset to zero, the game will automatically exit.During the game, you can also press the left button to exit the game directly and return to the main menu.

2022 Best Dart Machines Made in china|Factory Price Dart Machines for sale

During the live show, our company held a dart machine competition. It showed in detail the dart machine gameplay including single-player display, two-player battle, multi-player battle and online battle, etc.; passionate interaction with customers in the live broadcast room and bonus quiz links, as well as customers The question-and-answer session received a good response from customers.

Production workshop display

  • The raw materials of the dart machine include: alloy; hardware; screen; touch screen; dart target: nylon mixed material (special formula)
  • Production process: design; mold opening; program development; assembly; testing; revision; batch.

2022 Best Dart Machines Made in china|Factory Price Dart Machines for sale

The above is the whole content of our company’s 2 hours and 45 minutes of the dart machine from production to the overall display. Our aim is to offer you the best price, best quality, best service. We will have a new live show of some our our new game machines from Beijing time 9:00-12:00am on October 19th, 2021. Zara, the most authoritative commentator in the game industry, will help you avoid all minefields.Don’t forget to join our live show. We will wait for you tomorrow on Oct 19th.

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