Party centre and Lounge Bar Amper Family Fun Center

The fun center and Lounger Bar Amper is the modern family fun center and restaurant family entertainment center. It is located at Bulevar Nemanjića 11b 18000 Niš, fun center in Serbia

As the new type of fun and quality leisure time place. Amper supply the new generation gaming content: interactive artificial rock, newest and different VR, popular sport game such as screen basketball, Arcade and interactive game and also all people game party for Sony Play station.

After the play time,the fusion kitchen will supply the perfect meal with all kinds of foods from different parts. A combination of diameter-opposite flavors will take you on a unique journey through senses.It is distinguished by the lack of strict rules, except the only one, and that the dish must be extremely delicious. Safe, special and unusual, fusion is also tailored to today’s needs, and alongside meals for the whole family, real good food lovers can enjoy burgers according to the recipe of a young chef, specially prepared for our restaurant, while sweets will be delighted with waffles and in your own combination of flavors and textures or creations of our chefs.

Not only for the individual and group experiences, but also all kinds of celebrations. Birthday parties, team building events. Amper will be the best choice. For you, your family, your friend and your colleague. Come and get your fun!

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