Gatling VR Simulator

Ном. Название Фото Описание
1 Space Warrior game In 2116, the location of the earth is detected by a group of evil aliens , they quietly get through the wormhole direct to solar system, transmited batch after batch , they want to occupy the earth, slavery in the earth.The warriors, who are on the station’s duty, have discovered wormholes and enemiesto suddenly appeared, In order to prevent them from causing damage to the Earth, the warriors of the universe star to fought against the aliens.
2 Warfare elite game Kay is a new recruit, who on the first day was performed an emergency secret mission with the troops.The team set up the camps in a desolate desert, Kay was arranged left-behind, did not think of their route was controlled by the enemy, was exposed camp location, the camp was raided by large enemy forces after the team came out and this time, Kay must accept a real war baptism.
3 Operation: the dark eye game Our radar waves of interplanetary probe detected an evil dark space fleet approaching our space base, The signs indicate that it is very likely to pose a serious threat to us.After successfully predicting the enemy’s flight path, we plan to carry out the intercept mission. As a member of the Earth Fleet, we have prepared for you a powerful space weapons, please use the electromagnetic laser gun to kill the enemy fleet, When the enemy’s BOSS the dark eye comes, please destroy it as soon as possible and protect our peaceful homeland.
4 Desert hawk game An anarchist terrorist force is gathering in the desert and hijacking a large number of world-renowned biologists. They are secretly seeking a terrible plot. Destroy the enemy, save the hostages. The black hawk commando was ordered to go to the desert, to smash the plot. In the game, players will take a black hawk helicopter, deep in the desert’s hinterland, and use heavy weapons to remove defensive measures around the base. After the cleanup is over, look for the place to hide the hostages. While the hostages were being rescued, defend against the enemy. After successfully rescuing the hostages, destroy the enemy, destroy the base and complete the final mission. Players can also recruit comrades-in-arms and collaborate on tasks.
5 blood strike game A U.S. fighter plane was shot down by the enemy during a combat mission, and the pilot unfortunately fell into the enemy’s rear town. The U.S. military command dispatched a quick response rescue unit to the enemy’s rear town to rescue the pilot. U.S. special rescue forces driving two hummer military off-road vehicles to the rescue, large diameter Gatling gun have been installed in the car, the hummer through the town and open areas for the pilot, constantly meet along the way the enemy infantry, motorcycles and pick-up trucks.
6 28 energy station game The earth energy of 2048 is already extremely scarce, the monopoly of resources and robbery is the law of survival, and the 28 space energy station with rich resources becomes the battle fortress of all the legions.In the game, you are the commander of a legion, and your task is to compete for more resources.You and another army chief also occupy 28 energy stations, and you have a brutal fight for a tug of war, who first gets to the point where you get the ownership of the no. 28 energy station.