• Yuto Animation’s aim is to provide our customers with the best one-stop amusement game center project plan and operation assistance service. Although due to the Corona virus situation, many of our foreign clients’ projects have been suspended and delayed. In January 2021, after nearly one year of communication and 7 revisions of game center layout design and adjustment, our customer who is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, finally final his project and order.荷兰512平已成交 11.4万美金 e1620623152107
  • Our Netherlands’ customer’s game center is in a Shopping Mall, and the main consumer group is positioned as a family entertainment center. The style of the game center is required to be Japanese style. The redemption machines are required not be gambling, but focus on skills. In addition, the customer emphasized that in order to reduce management costs, no prize claw machine is required.
  • Considered the customer’s requirements and the characteristics of the European market, we recommend the machines as following.
  • Carnival style machine (family entertainment game machines), skill style ticket redemption machines, Video Games (neutral theme), sports (luxury air hockey, Skee ball, basketball and other different types of game machines which is suitable for family entertainment), kids game machines, 4 different Music game machines (Japanese style Taiko Drum, singing machine, hot-selling dance machine PIU…), VR game machines(VIP zone).
  • What’s more, in order to reduce the labor operating costs and manage the amusement game center more conveniently, we provided our card system together with the game machines.
  • And we made the game center layout design based on below idea. For more specific details, you can check with the layout design.
  1. Place 4 air hockey at the entrance and a row of video game machines beside the aisle to attract customers’ attention
  2. Kids machine and redemption machines are placed in the middle, which is more convenient for customers to play and easier for staff to manage.
  3. The upright arcade game machines are placed on the innermost side by the wall
  4. The VR game machines are placed against the wall and placed in the upper left corner
  5. Sports game machines are placed next to VR game machines.
  • At present, our customer’s amusement game center is still in progress, and it is expected to be put into use and operation soon. I believe that with our efforts, this indoor amusement game center will attract a large number of customers as soon as the corona situation gets better and more and more people take the vaccine. And it will help our customer to make a lot of profits.