How To Play The Scissor Cut Prize Machine?

Firstly, the choice is very important.

The choice of machine

  • The choice of the machine is very important, because different machines have different grabbing rates. The choice of the machine is divided into two kinds, which are quatting and rope observation.
  • Squatting: Observe the distance between the rope and the blade. If the blade and the rope have been infinitely close, or have been able to cut a little bit of string, then you can insert coins.


  • Rope: See if there are any traces of the rope being cut. If there is, then this doll in this machine can basically be shot.

The choice of doll

  • Recommended to choose a larger or heavier doll. If the doll partly touches the machine or observes that the rope is not taut, basically no need to start the game.
  • The skills



  • Once you have selected the target, start the game, control the joystick to tilt the crown block to the right, move the scissors left and right, and then align the rope, press and hold the button, the scissors will automatically move forward at this time.Loosen the button and the scissors will close and cut the rope. If you release the button earlier or later, the scissors will not be able to cut the line segment, which is a failed attempt.


Conventional cutting method. It is best to cut the rope at one time. If cut two or three times,the doll is still not drop, it needs to be observed again and again. First, observe the degree of rope cut, whether just cut a little part of the string, or the string is almost all be cut.This is the key. if it is the first case, only two suggestions can be given.First one is to let go, and the other is you need to be able to hold the scissors and cut it using the head or tail of the blade, because these two positions are relatively sharp. If it is the second case, there is no need to burn your brain, just use simplest and violent method,which is cutting it with the blade.

Wiping string way

  • If you almost cut it frequently happens, you can use a simple and violent method to cut directly with the blade, align the blade with the rope, and hold down the button without letting go, so that the blade will go straight through the line. If you operate it properly,you can cut the string, but if you have not succeeded many times, and the string has not become rough, then do not use this method.


  • It is recommended to observe the progress of the scissors from the oblique side, and it is best to form a certain angle with the scissors to facilitate the timing.