How To Set Up Your Amusement Arcade Game Center In Philippines

At the end of March,2019, an inquiry about a game center project is from Philippine. The customer had inquired four suppliers Before the inquiry, but none of them could meet the customer demands. It takes 20 days from game machine selected, layout designed and loading calculated. At 17th April 2019, this project order is confirmed.

The game center is located at the seaside with an area of 100 square meters. It covers all ager of travel consumers. Based on game center location, consumer characteristics and management cost, in order to attract more consumer, the game machines are configured with 7 units video game machine such as The house of dead,transformer shooting and mario racing, 4 units sport game machine, 4 units arcade game machine,7 units kids game machine and 1 units redemption game

We made design for the layout of the game center based on the characteristics of every game machine and area as below,

For more details, you can check the layout design.

  • The bar is located at the entrance so that it is easy for staff to manage the game center, and can also highlight branding
  • Video game machine including The house of dead,transformer shooting and mario racing put at the entrance, it is attracted more player.
  • Kids game machines are put inside and be near to bar so that the parents and staff can look after easily.
  • The sports game machine and arcade game machines are placed inside against the wall.

Due to the delay of the site and the impact of the pandemic, the game center has not been put into operation. The game center will be attracted more player when the pandemic gets better and disappear.