Operation Instruction

User enter password into the corresponding account number or read card (account has been binding interior card), then user interface can be login.

Card system

  • Sale

Sale man use this part for selling function and checking journal sheet.

Card system

Notice: Detail of setting combo package .Look for Part setting->combo package

  • E-cashsetting and sale

For Top up and reload card ,click E-cash Sale to enter, view picture as below:

Card system

Card system

Put the card on the reader, Selected to the package purchase and enter the quantities, click save.finish.

Notice: to cancel this time of operation after sale finish, look for detail ,go to the Sale cancelation

Notice: detail of token sale, look for Part setting ,E-Cash package

  • Cost Package Setting

It is for game machine how many e-cash for one time to play.

Card system

Card system

  • Registration

 Purpose for registry membership card with customer’s information

Card system

Put a new member card on card reader , select membership level for customer

Input customer’s name

Input customer’s ID number(can be repeated)

Input card number(can be repeated)

Set a password by customer for member’s card or use default password

Capture customer’s by camera if needed .

Click Join to registry.

In red words option must be fill in, and registry can’t be reversed.

  • Search

Here can show all property and information of the card put on card reader, click  Modify to change card’s password, click Edit to modify card’s information.

  • Card systemRenew/Reissue


Put card on reader, click Read, tick Renew, confirm quantities of renew, choose the payment type, charge fee ,then click ok to finish

Card system

  • Reissue

Input card number, name, ID number or Phone number which registry, then click inquiry.

Card system

Tick change card or reissue, place a new card on card reader, input new number, select payment type, charge fee, click ok, then there will be a window requires customer’s password. If correct , operation done.

  • Card systemSale cancellation

 For cancelling all type of the sale that made by mistake or customer’s wishes.

 Click sale cancellation, view as the picture as below.

Select package category token package, then will show you all the sale record, select the record you need to cancel, Click cancel. The record you cancel will be disappeared.

  • Shift Submit

When Business time is over or cashier duty off, the cashier should fills the received amount, then click Submit.

  • Consumption

Overview –Summary-Gross Prifit-Time(Period analysis)-Pos terminal analysis

  • Operatio List

Member Detail: Show all cards operations. Operator Detail: Show all the sale detail.

  • Machine Analysis

Show the game card reader income and history.

  • Part System

Card system

  • Checkout

When cashier operate shift submit, here will show the amount of each POS from last submit to current submit, you can confirm the received amount with cashier.

Checkout : when the received amount is equal to the receivable amount, fill the received amount, then click checkout.

Anti-checkout: if find mistake after checkout, select the record click anti checkout to revise.

  • Business machine

The computer which need to operate the sale operation must add the information here. Machine code & Machine name is customized, IP address & Mac Address is according to computer. Machine type select theme objcet.

  • Game Machine

Game card reader management

When card reader is connected to the server by LAN or WLAN, there will be a record. Edit the record ,change game name, purposes,and choose cost package, tick Active and save. Then you can setting the card reader in part Ps Monitor

Click type to create new Game type

Code and Item name is customized. click save to Save

  • Operator Management

Setting manager and cashier’s password and authority.Card system

  • parameter setting

Setting all system parameter

  • User List

All  card’s information can be inquired here.

  • Level

For setting member card Level , such as VIP, regular, or temporary

  • PS monitor

For communicating with our system hardware(game card reader), you need to run Ps monitor when business time start . card reader cannot work without running Ps monitor.

Click on to the edit mode ,enter the operator name and password, then you can double click the game card reader to modify. After modify, click on set to send the parameter to the card reader.

Card system