Project Description

Ar Shooting Interactive Wall Projection | 3D Interactive AR Archery Games


  • Mainly include: arrows, curtains, retaining walls,
  • Product power: 4KW
  • Display parameters: curtain
  • Equipment size: 1.5 meters wide and 3 meters high and 15 meters long
  • Number of players: 2 or more

How to play:

  • Interactive shooting is a brand-new playing experience. Shooting real arrows onto the screen, using tracking technology, realizes the perfect integration of players and games, and brings players a magical experience.

Ar Shooting Interactive Wall Projection


  • Somatosensory interactive games can attract people, increase profits and increase rate of users. Popular products, attractive highlight items can gather popularity and increase revenue. It is  suitable for activities, theme exhibition halls, amusement parks, parent-child activities, shopping malls, etc.
  • Weddings, children’s interaction, restaurants, banquets, squares, exhibition halls, families, KTV bars, science popularization, education, 5D games, all scenes that require holographic projection technology.


  • Somatosensory Interactive technology can integrate sports and entertainment into your life. The large interactive screen independently developed by our company integrates 8 black technologies such as AR technology, artificial intelligence, physical simulation, etc. It can make a real person stand in front of the screen to travel through time and space, appear in the 3D world of the screen, play games, Take AR pictures, join the star performances on the same stage, etc. It is  very magical interactive effects and visual enjoyment, very eye-catching! It has been widely used in the fields of interactive advertising, product display, restaurant drainage, interactive education, night entertainment, etc. Operators can control the system through their own body, and realize interaction with Internet players, sharing pictures, audio and video information. Imagine that you are standing in front of a big screen at this moment, and you can browse the products and complete the shopping with simple operations such as turning pages, sliding, and confirming by hand. This is the application of somatosensory technology in the field of consumer goods. Conveniently, it can track 20 parts of the human body in real time, and the device can track two players in real time at the same time. The somatosensory interactive system uses real-time dynamic capture, image recognition, microphone input, voice recognition and other functions to let people get rid of the traditional monotonous operation mode.

Technical Principle

  • The somatosensory interactive system is actually a 3D somatosensory camera, which is more intelligent than ordinary cameras. First of all, it can emit infrared light to perform stereo positioning of the entire room, and the camera can use infrared light to recognize the movement of the human body. In addition, the motion sensor can track the movements of your whole body and build your digital skeleton based on the data. It can track 20 parts of the human body at the same time. The device can track up to two players at the same time. The somatosensory interactive system uses immediate dynamic capture, image recognition, microphone input, voice recognition and other functions to let people get rid of the traditional monotonous operation mode.
  • AR somatosensory interactive large screen advantage
  • The AR somatosensory interactive technology system can accurately, sensitively and stably recognize gestures, and use non-contact gesture control to operate edited pictures, videos, three-dimensional models and other content. It has diversified display transformation effects, super sci-fi and technology The characteristics of sense and so on.
  • Advantages of AR somatosensory interactive display system:
  • AR somatosensory interactive games do not need to wear any sensing equipment, and truly realize contactless human-computer interaction.
  • AR somatosensory interactive recognition is accurate, sensitive, stable, and interactive.
  • The user can be locked during the interaction without interference from others.
  • AR large screen interaction attracts popularity
  • Screen advantages: rich games, changeable themes, 3D virtual scenes, the world’s best! Plus MR technology is more realistic and fun than the body feeling on the market.
  • Factory direct sales, can customize a variety of somatosensory games.
  • Games can be customized according to festivals and customer needs. Game types can be replaced at any time, with high flexibility, and you can put your own logo. The game does not need a green screen, it can be keyed in any environment, the keying effect is good, and the game runs stably and smoothly!