Project Description

Coin Operated Super Bear Arcade Air Hockey Table

Product Parameters:

  • Product Name:Super Hockey
  • Product Type:Air Hockey Table
  • Material:Wood&lron
  • Size:L2100*D1350*H1600mm
  • Power:1200W
  • Voltage:AC 110V±5% 60HZOr AC220±5%50HZ

Super Bear Arcade Air Hockey Table

How to play:

  • Insert a coin, wait 3 seconds, and the puck will come out from the machine automatically.
  • Players use the mallets to let the puck enter the gold, then get the scores.
  • In the game, the machine will release multiple pucks from time to time,so players can have more exciting game experience.
  • After the game is over,please return the game equipment to its original position.