Axe Throwing Game Arcade Machine

Introduction to the Product:

Axe Heroes is an indoor ticket machine newly developed by our company and especially designed for any FEC or amusement locations. It is novel and beautiful in appearance, safe and reliable, and easy to operate, so it is the most valuable amusement product with a higher coin collecting rate in amusement center.

2023 Best Price Axe Throwing Game Arcade Machine Made In China|Arcade Hero Game For Axe Throwing Bar

Features of the Axe Throwing Game Arcade Machine:

Novel gameplay full of fun;

Elegant appearance, bright-colored and exquisite patterns, made of MDF, plywood, angle iron and metal plate, safe and durable due to rust-proof treatment;

Large-scale integrated circuit, built-in program, stable and reliable working performance;

Sophisticated and adjustable game program and win ratio.

Specifications and Technical Parameters

Axe Throwing Game arcade machine for sale|china coin operated games for sale

1) Operating Voltage: AC 220V – 240V, 50/60 Hz or AC110V±5%, 50/60 Hz

Operating Power: 400W

Dimensions: D500*W220*H300cm (The depth is adjustable)

Weight: 700Kgs

Operating Environment:

  • Temperature (indoors): 0℃~35℃;
  • Humidity: ≤90%;
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86Pa~106Pa.

Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall.

Axe Throwing Game Accessory list

For the normal use of the machine, please open the package and carefully check whether the following items are included.

The accessory list is below:


Name No.


QTY  Unit Picture


1 Cable 10A/250V-3M 1 Pc 2023 Best Ticket Redemption Arcade Game Made In China
2 Fuse Φ5×20mm T5A 250VAC 2 Pc 2023 Best Ticket Redemption Arcade Game Made In China
3 Key H992 2 Pc