Spookey Fun Ball Runner Game Machine For Sale

Product Profile:

“spookey fun” is a newly developed children’s machine specially designed for children’s entertainment. The machine is novel, beautiful, safe, reliable, easy to operate and safe. It is a good product integrating sports and entertainment, and one of the best entertainment products indispensable to the amusement park.

Product characteristics:

  • The game is simple, exciting and entertaining;
  • Beautiful appearance design, bright and delicate design;
  • The material is made of medium fiberboard, angle iron and sheet metal. It is safe and durable after anti-rust treatment.;
  • With large-scale integrated circuit and built-in program, the performance of the system isstable and reliable.;
  • Game procedures and revenue ratios are fine and adjustable.
  • Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Machine specifications and technical parameters

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  • working voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
  • Consumption power:mix 170W~max 220W
  • Shape size:L1580×W1225×H2469(mm)
  • Weight :about 262 kg
  • Environment condition:Temperature (indoor):-10℃~+40℃;humidity:≤90%;Atmospheric pressure:86Pa~106Pa.

Installation and maintenance

  • Installation and Debugging

    • Before installation, please check the components according to the list and assemble them.
    • The site to be used must be smooth and firm. After the machine is placed, the adjusting seat should be fixed horizontally on the ground.;
    • After installation, plug in the power cord to start the machine, check whether all parts of the machine are working properly, if abnormal phenomena are found,stop the machine in time to remove obstacles.

Spookey Fun Ball Runner arcade

  • Appearance inspection

    • In order to ensure the safety of the machine, please check the following points before starting the machine:
    • Whether the”warning sign”is intact, clear and visible, and whether the pasting position is correct.
    • Whether the parameters of the connected power supply are the same as those of the computer.
    • Whether the screw of each part of the machine platform is loose or not, whether 9the steering wheel component is loose or not.
    • Check whether the connectors are loose and the terminals are off.
    • Whether the machine is placed smoothly or not, and whether the adjustment of the casters and the top foot is appropriate.
    • Whether the machine is properly placed in an area.
  • Operational Inspection

    • Whether the speaker is pronounced properly.
    • Whether the fluorescent lamp and keyboard lamp are on or not.
  • Maintenance and maintenance

    • Every day before the operation, the test machine should run normally before it can be used.
    • When the machine is covered with dirt and dust, it should be cleaned with soft cotton cloth.
    • After a month’s operation of the new machine, it is necessary to check whether the parts and components are normal.
    • Check the machine regularly.
  • Clean

    • Machine Shell Clean up the dirt on the surface of the machine, and use clean and soft cotton cloth.
    • Exhaust fan Exhaust fan is one of the main tools for heat dissipation inside the machine. It
    • is necessary to keep the exhaust fan running cleanly and normally, and the outlet is unblocked.