Ballon Shoting Carnival Fair Games Booth


Type:Carnival Fair Games
Size:3000*3000*3500 MM
Material:Metal + Wooden
Construction: Metal Out frame, roof canopy, canopy, sliding door, Opetion console, Prize cabinet
Parts: Arcade Shooting Gun , Balloon
Color: Customize
Suitable place: Amusement Park, Game Center, FEC, Event, Rental
Loading:8-9 Units
Weight: 650KG

How To Play Balloon Shooting Carnival Fair Games

  • Please put in coins first, and then line up in the area designated by the staff to play the game
  • Rule: Shoot the gun into the corresponding balloon and accumulate the number of balloons hit
  • Awards: 24 points for awards / 27 points for special prizes

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Carnival Fair Games Features

  1. Ground Requirements:The ground must be level; the seaside must be reported in advance; special accessories are required to prevent corrosion;
  2. The number of purchases: if the bottom of the field is sufficient, 10 different gameplay and richer gameplay will be selected to attract players with different preferences;
  3. Installation time :All products use bolt-type connection with zero screws, disassemble and installation are simple and convenient, and do not require personnel to know the technology; 10 standard machines require 3 people to install in 3 days;
  4. color matching suggestions: choose cool blue and green at the beach, The square can use warm colors pink, red, etc.;
  5. Product Size:The standard machine is 3*3 meters, the number of players and the distance between the ball and archery are more suitable; the front is designed with a sliding door, and the customer can choose to lock after work, without moving the machine Or take away related items and reduce the customer’s business burden;
  6. Tifficulty adjustment: general types can be adjusted through placement and distance; if the first point cannot be adjusted, it can be adjusted through the seller’s game number setting, etc.

Why Choose YuTo Carnival Booth Machine

  1. Easy to install and easy to move. Our carnival booth is with pin-type assembly method, which is easy to install. Normally 2-3 people can complete the installation for about 2 hours. What’s more it is with wheels that it can be easily moved.
  2. Comes with lights, the color color can be customized, And you can adjust the way of light flashing.
  3. The main material is metal. It is strong and durable, and very suitable for rental.
  4. Comes with retractable tarpaulin and sliding door. Our carnival booth is suitable for long-term outdoor use. In addition, with the sliding door design, that it will be very convenient for the management, the gift can be kept safe inside the booth.
  5. Very easy to replace the different game play. We use the same frame structure, it is simple to replace the internal game and the external horizontal head. It can reduce long-term investment, ensure novel gameplay, and attract customers.
  6. Support customization