Boom Ball Arcade Game Machine

Brief introduction of this product:

  • “BOOM BALL” is a shooting recreation machine independently developed and innovated by our company.

  • The theme of this machine is to control the scoring points by shooting intensity and direction. It is a puzzle entertainment machine for players of all ages. It is specially designed for public entertainment. Moreover, the machine is novel in shape, beautiful in appearance, brilliant in lighting effect and easy to operate. Safe and reliable, I believe it will be the playground player’s favorite game, is an indispensable amusement machine for large and medium-sized playgrounds.


  • Working voltage:AC 110V-220V±10%    50Hz±3 Hz;

  • Power consumption: 100 W(MIN)200 W(MAX);

  • Machine dimension:L2550×W1060×H2350(mm)

  • Environment condition:(indoor) temperature:-10℃~+40℃  humidity:≤90%;Atmospheric pressure:86Pa~106Pa;

  • Weight:about  250kg

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

boom ball arcade game

Features of this product:

  • The game starts after the coin is put in. The left side shoots into the hole and gets the corresponding score according to the size of the hole; the right side knocks down the monster’s teeth and gets the corresponding score. Two ways to play, to increase the interest of players.

Game play instructions:

  • Put in the tokens suitable for the local station, press the start button, and the game begins.

  • The more the left ball shoots into the hole, the more points it scores. The more times the right ball knocks down the monster’s teeth, the more points it scores. At the end of the game, the corresponding lottery tickets will be issued automatically.

  • Game time and number of tickets can be adjusted by IO table according to real needs.