Project Description

coffee house mini claw crane game machine

Mini Claw Machine

Player:2 Players
Type:Coin operated
Application:Shopping Mall, Amusement Park, Playground, Indoor Game Room, Game Center, etc

Product performance description

1. Independent research crane, it’s compact design makes it easier to move around them stable.
2. Attractove design with colorful-lights, fashion voice prompts.
3. Comparison of electronic coin device
to facilitate the custom chips.
4. control stick is easy to operate.

How to Play:

1. Insert operated coins.

2. Use joystick to move the claw under the prisents within a certain time.

3. Press the “down”button to let the claw going down and clawing the presents.

4. When the claw return, lossing the claw to get the present. It is game over

Detailed Images