Otaka Dlary Coin Cut Drop Prize Machine

Size: 890*800*2170

Weight: 100Kg

Power: 150W

Voltage: 110/220V

Wooden frame size: 950*850*2030(mm) 130KG

Coin Cut Drop Prize Machine How To Play

After the coin is put in, control the joystick and move the scissors to align the sling;

Press and hold the button and do not let go, and control the scissors to move in the direction of the sling;

After aligning the sling, release the button instantly, and the scissors will automatically cut the rope

When the plastic key is dropped, the corresponding numbered gift door will automatically open to get the gift.

Coin Cut Drop Prize Machine Features

More space, more imagination, more gift categories

Window display design, presents gifts from the most beautiful angle, more popular

Continuous commodity operation plan update, lasting revenue guarantee

Self-contained screen, publicity and drainage, eliminate players’ doubts, and create a live player atmosphere

Mechanical gameplay, more real, exciting, and sticky

Suitable gifts: large dolls above 1m, small electrical appliances, guitars, luggage, etc.

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