Celebrating the joy of play, our Coin-Op Kiddie Car Rides bring endless fun to little ones.

With a variety of themes, these Coin-Op Kiddie Car Rides are perfect for malls, parks, and family entertainment centers.

Our durable and safe Coin-Op Kiddie Car Rides ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for kids.

Invest in Coin-Op Kiddie Car Rides to boost your venue’s appeal and watch as children’s faces light up with excitement.

Coin-Op Kiddie Car Rides are not just rides; they’re an investment in happiness and childhood memories.


Size: 189*132*145

Power: 200

Frequency: 50

Voltage: 220

Application range: amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center.

Coin-Op Kiddie Car Rides

How To Play

1. Enter the vibrant, child-friendly go-kart at the mall’s kiddie ride area and take a seat, immersing yourself in the playful and colorful design.

2. Insert the required game tokens.

Sit properly and grip the steering wheel with both hands, ensuring safety.

Confirm that there are no people or objects in the go-kart’s range of motion.

Then, press the accelerator to start the game and initiate the go-kart’s side-to-side motion.

During the game, players can control the steering wheel to avoid obstacles or collect coins.

Hitting obstacles may cause a slowdown or spin, while collecting coins or question marks increases the score or speed.

3. If any unusual events occur during the game or if a child feels unwell, immediately press the emergency stop button on the right side of the steering wheel.

Pressing this button will stop the go-kart’s movement.

4. After the game ends, wait until the go-kart comes to a complete stop before exiting.

Enjoy this thrilling and safe adventure at the mall!