Project Description

Coin Operated Air Hockey


Color: Blue

Size: W128*D220*H180CM

Voltage: 110V/220V

Player: 2 Player

Weight: 120kg

Power: 180W


Gameplay: start the game, the device fan automatically starts, and the ball starts to float.

The two-player battle style, hit the ball into the opponent’s door to get points.

The player with the highest score within the specified time or who can get more rewards wins.

The equipment is small and exquisite, with skilled workmanship and high quality , and the wind speed is even. Not easy to damage, low failure rate.

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2022 Best Coin Operated Air Hockey For Sale|Coin Operated Ice Hockey Made In China

How does an Coin Operated Air Hockey work?

Working Principle:

  • After the machine is powered on, insert coins to the coin acceptor, and then the counting signal is transmitted by the coin acceptor to the io board, and then the io board is transmitted to the counting kinescope, and finally the kinescope displays.
  • After inserting the coins, the coin acceptor sends a signal to the io board, and then transmits the signal to the relay through the io board, and the relay starts to supply power to the blower.
  • The blower is started, and then the air is exhausted through the small holes on the table. The wind of the blower reduces the friction between the pie and the table. Reducing the friction can make the pie moving faster, the running time is longer, and help the players to play the game with less strength.

How much is an air hockey table

  • Children model:600-2000 USD
  • Adult ordinary model:1200-2800 USD
  • Multi-balls model: 2000-5000 USD

How to make Coin Operated Air Hockey better?

Repair and maintenance:

  • The power supply must be turned off when the machine is maintained and repaired.
  • To avoid short circuits, must turn off the power before touching the internal components of the machine. If this operation requires power on, it must comply with the requirements of the operating instructions.
  • Make sure to select appropriate accessories when replacing components.
  • Using incorrect accessories will cause fire or electrical short circuit, damage the motherboard and components.
  • Do not dismantle, assemble, or modify the equipment at will.
  • This will cause fire or electrical short circuit, mechanical failure, etc.
  • Make surethe moving, flipping, transportation, etc. must meet the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Random man-made movement, turnover, transportation, etc. will damage the equipment and destroy the mechanical performance.
  • This machine is suitable for indoor use, but not for outdoor use.
  • To use it outdoorwill affect the performance of the machine.
  • Do not use the machine in the following places:

★Places with water leaks or high humidity.

★Places near high-temperature objects.

★Places near dangerous goods.

★Smooth or unstable places.

★Close to equipment prone to sparks.

★Places with severe vibrations.

★ Dusty environment.

  • Do not place vases, bosoms, containers, etc. Which are filled with water on the machine, and do not place chemicals or heavy objects on the machine.
  • Spilled liquid will cause electrical short-circuit damage to devices, chemicals will corrode the machine, and falling objects from high altitude will harm the human body and destroy the machine.
  • Do not place objects at the exhaust port of the machine.
  • Blocking the exhaust port will cause the temperature of the machine to rise, affect the normal operation of the machine and even damage the components.
  • The power cord cannot be pressed by heavy objects.
  • This will damage the wires and cause a short circuit and fire.
  • When unplugging the power cord from the socket, you should grab the plug and pull it out, not the wire.
  • This will damage the wires, causing short circuits and fire.
  • Do not pull out the plug directly with wet hands.
  • Otherwise, it may cause electric shock and harm the human body.
  • Do not stretch, twist, or fold the power cord forcefully, and do not expose the power cord close to high-humidity objects.
  • The above practices will damage the wires, cause short circuits and fire.
  • The power cord cannot be kicked or touched easily.
  • This will harm the human body and damage the machine.
  • To use the correct voltage and fuse (see technical parameters).
  • The use of other standard voltages will cause short circuits and fires, and the use of improper fuse lines will damage the machine and cause fire.
  • Do not arbitrarily deal with failures such as fire or operation out of control.

Where To Buy Coin Operated Air Hockey ?

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