Project Description

Coin Op Arcade Ball Shooting Game


  • Machine size: W1800mm*D1200mm*H2330mm
  • Packing volume: 5m
  • Weight: 240kg
  • Power: 650W
  • Number of players: 3

Machine description:

  • Classic gameplay and novel appearance.
  • Pure children’s manual play gift machine.
  • Choice of different gift positions; 1# 75 capsules; 2# lollipops; 3# 45 capsules.
    How to play: 1. Insert a coin and the game starts; 2. Scoop the ball into the “beehive” on the left to score; 3. According to the corresponding score, different types of gashapons/lollipops can be obtained.
Coin Operated Beeman3 Ball Shooting
Coin Operated Beeman3 Ball Shooting

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