Project Description

Unlimited Firepower Classic Arcade Ticket Games


  • Size: 2000*850*2301
  • Power: 250W

Unlimited Firepower Classic Arcade Ticket Games

How To Play

  • Put in tokens, aim at the target gift port, press the button to launch tokens.
  • Tokens hit the gift port and get gifts. Tokens fall on the basketball hoop to get a turntable game and have a chance to win a super prize.
  • If coins are dropped on the turntable, they will get corresponding rewards after passing through the score board.


  • Unlimited Firepower” Good revenue equipment
  • With street basketball as the background theme, the appearance is refreshing;
  • The gameplay is simple and easy to understand. Gifts and lottery tickets are combined, and different shooting methods are available;
  • Shooting and shooting challenges to win rewards is an entertaining game for all ages.