How To Play

To begin the game in a Coin Slide Game Machine, players insert coins to initiate the pushing mechanism. By timing their button presses, players launch small balls, often referred to as marbles or pearls, onto the playing field. These marbles then push against the moving platform, aiming to knock more marbles or tokens into the prize holes to earn a corresponding number of tickets.

When a marble enters the central mini-carousel entrance, it triggers a mechanism that moves it upwards. As the marble falls, it may hit a microswitch in the middle, lighting up one of the lamps. Once all four lamps are lit, a special large marble, sometimes themed as a “Dragon Ball,” is summoned onto the playing field. As this large marble is pushed and navigates through the central spiral rod, if it successfully drops into a specific hole, players receive a corresponding high-value reward.

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Size: 1420*1000*2000mm Column 2
Power: 500W Column 2 Value

Application range:

amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall