Project Description

How to play:

  • Vehicles: avoid vehicles on the road when crossing the road;
  • Train: pay attention to the passing trains when the traffic lights are flashing;
  • River: Step on driftwood, crocodiles, sharks steadily when crossing the river;
  • Flying animals: staying for too long will be taken away by flying animals;


  • Simple gameplay and gorgeous graphics
  • Rich themes and diverse roles


  •  is an amusement redemption game in which the player can choose the role of chicken or
  • duck to play together.Press the button to control the role cross  road,train tracks and rivers.The
  • game  is simple and fun,beat the target score and win a bonus of 10 to 1000 tickets.

Parameter Index

  • Name :Crossy
  • Material:painta,tempered,metals,wood
  • Type:Coin operated game machine
  • Voltage:100-220V
  • Scress Size:43
  • Suitable age:Over 4 years of age
  • Character:2
  • Game Award:Game ticket

Indoor Coin Operated Crossy Kids game machine

How To Play

  • Tap the button to crossy road,train tracks and river.
  • 100% Skill game.
  • Challenge your friends;2 player game play.
  • Skill Bonus; beat the target score and win a bonus of 10 to 1000 tickets.

Game Board Port


How to connect the internet

  • Crate a  text file  “wificonfig.txt “, the  name of  wifi connection in  the first action  and the  pass. For  example:(wifi name is”gzxrdm1”,password is ”88888888”)


  • Put the “wificonfig.txt” text in the root directory of the U disk, insert the U disk into the usb2 socket on the board, and


Restart The Machine

  • If the network is normal after starting up, the machine will automatically connect to wifi, and a successful connection
  • prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen, such as“connectedwifi  :”gzxrdm1″”


How To Install

  • Install the top of the head with screw


  •   Connect the power  and put down 4 machine legs


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