Project Description


  • Material: Hardware + Wood
  • Function: Fancy racing competition
  • Place of Origin: Panyu, Guangzhou
  • Product category: racing machine
  • Specification: W147*D238*H224cm, W140*D230*H240cm
  • Applicable number: single
  • Applicable age: 12+
  • Whether to support a drop shipping: support
  • Applicable scenarios: extreme challenges, venue entertainment equipment
  • LCD: 42 inches
  • Size: W147*D238*H224cm
  • Power: 1000W

Cruis'n Blast Arcade Driving Machine For Sale|2022 Best Coin Operated Arcade Games For Sale

Game Introduction

  • Dynamic Speed ​​is a brand-new dynamic racing game amusement machine independently researched and developed. The machine is equipped with a camera to capture player photos. The game content has five optional tracks, nitrogen acceleration, and the platform vibrates with the game content.

Cruis’n Blast Arcade Instructions

  • Choose the game car model, color, and track to enter the game;
  • Control the direction of the car on the game screen by controlling the steering wheel;
  • Walk along the track, avoid obstacles, press the accelerator key to accelerate when the nitrogen is full, the seat of the car body will vibrate according to the content of the game during the game;
  • At the end, the game is over.

Cruis’n Blast Arcade Driving Machine For Sale| 2022 Racing Arcade Games For Sale