Project Description

DCF600 Dart Board Scoring Mmachine

  • Darts is an amusement sport to throw darts at a target by hand. It originated in the 16th century in British, when the aristocrats and gentlemen play the small disc-shaped metal darts played in bars. Later, it became very popular in many countries in Europe and America.Its history is as long as golf.
  • However, the inability to automatically score is the key reason why for hundreds of years, the darts still has not been able to developed and improved to form a trend. The birth of the DCF fully automatic dart machine makes high-tech applications in darts. It is a new type of high-grade and low-consumption project that brings people fun and excitement.It is simple to operate and easy to use, and at the same time it’s also a high-grade sports and entertainment.
  • It can exercise your eyesight, concentration, balance and stability. And it also can invigorate your spirit, eliminate your fatigue, and effectively promote your control ability in movements, cultivate your calmness and self-confidence, and reflect the taste and cultural qualities of the contestants.
 Model DCF600
Main Functions
  • Using soft darts, high security; WeChat payment function.
  • Automatic counting, scoring, LCD display, built-in music, automatic alarm;
  • The advanced technology computer chip stocks eight different kinds of international standard game modes
Maximum powe
  • 95W
 Input voltage
  • AC220
  • 50Hz
  • 225*66*45
Carton size
  •  128*74*57
Wooden Cabinet Size
  • 129*75*58
  Net Weight
  • 75kg
  •  12 darts; 200 dart tips; 5 fuse tubes; 2 LED lights; 2 keys; 1 lamp cup; 1 manual; 1 certificate;
Darts Machine
  • There stocks eight different kinds of international standard game modes in the advanced technology computer chip of DCF automatic dart machine. In addition to automatic counting, scoring, and display function, its superiority is that it is not restricted by venue and physical strength, because the dart throwing distance is only 2.37 Meters.It can be used as in billiards halls, bowling alleys, cultural palaces, clubs, KTV bars, tourist attractions, shopping centers, fitness centers, etc. It can also can be independently set up as a dart hall for guests to entertain and exercise. Competitions can be organized and dart masters can be invited to perform impromptu performances to increase the interest of guests.
  • Currently, dart clubs have been established in different places of our country, and various different scales of competitions are held regularly. Moreover, the National Sports General Administration implements darts as a national sport for the whole country, which indicates that darts will gradually enter the vision of the Chinese people as a leisure sport and become a popular entertainment fashion trend.

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