Project Description

Coin operated Arcade Machines For Sale|Dinosaur Wheel Ticket Redemption Arcade Game Machine

Dinosaur Wheel

Technical Specification And Parameter

Working Voltage:AC110V 60Hz or AC220V 50Hz(Refer to the data plate on machine)

Product Dimension: 190*115*256cm

Weight: About 250 KGS

Power: Min 110W; Max 255W

Working Environment

  • Temperature: -10℃~+40℃(Indoor)
  • Humidity:≤90%
  • Atmospheric Pressure:86Kpa~106KPa

Installation Range

  • The space requirement for machine placement is shown as follow:

Dinosaur Wheel

How to play

  • Insert the coin, begin the game
  • Pull down the rocker and turn the turntable
  • Get the corresponding prize that the arrow points to when it stops(Notes: you can get the prize only after the turntable to be rotated more than 2 laps)

Main Components

Dinosaur Wheel

  1. LED screen: to display the player’s score
  2. Runner
  3. Arrow:to show the player’s score
  4. LED screen: to display the rounds of the game
  5. Rocker: pull down the rocker, turn the turntable
  6. Ticket Dispensers
  7. Coin acceptor