Project Description

Dream City Water Shooting Game Mahicne


  • Machine size: W1080mm*D2100mm*H2200mm
  • Packing volume: 5m
  • Weight: 220kg
  • Power: 250W
  • Number of players: 2


  • Dreamcit Water Shooting Game Mahicne
  • Start of coin insertion
  • Shoot the game scene you want to play with a water jet
  • Shoot the coming enemy after starting and score points
  • The big boss in the midfield, the water column becomes more, the spray comes out, experience the fun of water shooting in the fairyland
  • Defeat the big BOSS, continue to fight the enemy, and finally the intermediate BOSS is dispatched.
  • After defeating the last 3 big bosses, enter the final score and score the lottery or gashapon machine. Features: 42-inch LCD, 10 completely different game
  • environments, with a big water pump and fog, creating a game environment like a fairyland for children .
  • This kidsDreamcit Water Shooting Game Mahicne is suitable for people over 3 years old, parents and children participate together
Dream City Water Shooting Game Mahicne
Dream City Water Shooting Game Mahicne

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