• Product attributes: material hardware + acrylic

  • Function: warm-up event props to attract fans and gather popularity; single-player mode; team multi-player mode; rugby gameplay; money-making tool; parent-child.

  • Product Category: Shooting Machine

  • Specifications: Rugby pitching game machine

  • Size: Length 260cm Width 100cm Height 256cm

  • Weight: 400kg

  • Power: 500W

  • Input voltage: AC110V 6OHZ, AC220V 50HZ

football arcade game

How to play

  • After inserting coins, you can press the single touch button to enter the single player game mode, or press the team mode button to enter the multiplayer team mode competition mode.

  • When the light of the pitching hole is on, throw the ball in, and the light of the hole will flash to get the corresponding score, and the score will increase.

  • The placards on both sides will be raised from time to time. However, when the placard is raised, using the ball to hit the placard can also get corresponding points, and the score increases.

  • During the first to third quarters of the game, if the countdown has not ended and the score has reached the clearance score, the countdown will stop, the remaining time will be added to the score, and 10 points will be added to the remaining 1 second. The more time left, the more bonuses.

  • If it is a team competition mode, the one with the highest total score is the champion of the competition, and you can get extra rewards!

  • If the final score of the game exceeds the highest record of the machine, the highest record will be saved to the machine, and you can also get additional rewards!