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Most Popular Free Fall Rides For Amusement Parks - Made In China


The double-line cabins leap forward suddenly on the top point, offering excitement of weightlessness.

Technical Specification

Motive Power:60kw

Ride Height:15m

Run Height:12.5m


Load:12 riders


Running Time:2.5min

Theory Hour Capacity:200riders/h

Application range:amusement park、playground、theme park.

Most Popular Free Fall Rides For Amusement Parks - Made In China

Packing Info

Packing Material:Wooden Case for key parts

Container Load:2×40”OT

Supplying Range

Cabin:1 set

Sliding Bracket:1 set

Standing Bracket:1 set

Sliding Wheel Group:1 set

Lifting system:1 set

Control system:1 set

Key Parts Info

Pressure Sensor:HYDAC

Proportional Valve:ATOS

Other hydraulic valve:HYDAC or SUN

Cylinder:lmported seal component




Most Popular Free Fall Rides For Amusement Parks - Made In China