Real Life Human Claw Machine


Part Name Quantity Part Name Quantity
Column 4 Pcs Steel frame 1 Set
Beam (channel steel type) 2 Pcs Control cabinet 1 Piece
Beam (square tube type) 2 Pcs Motor 2 Pcs/1 Ton
Beam (I-beam) 1 Piece Seat belt
Hard hat
1 set of each
Intermediate beam (I-beam) 1 Piece Side brace square tube 4 Pcs
Control cabinet 1 Piece(start, stop, power indicator, automatic catch, emergency stop, and front, back, left, right, up and down buttons) PA600 Electric Hoist 1 Piece
Crane 1 Piece Control system 1 Set
Operating Voltage 220V Working current 1-1.5A
Output Power 1960W Walking speed 1450 rpm
Ground clearance 2.2M Timing range 5-8 Secs
Load capacity 300KG Total Weight 300KG

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Feature Of Product

Get dressed up and experience the feeling of trapeze catching dolls.

Protective hats and gloves, protective nets, wave pools, etc., with all-round safety measures, you can play with confidence. 3. The game is operated by adults, and let the children grab their favorite dolls.

This game has a strong sense of on-site interaction, which tests the tacit understanding of parents and children.

The program is stable, and the background debugging is convenient, which is convenient for operators to operate and manage.

How To Play

Players wear gloves, hats, and lie flat on their safety clothing.

The staff press the button to start the lift.

Operate the joystick to control the direction.

Press the button to slowly lower the player to grab the gift.

After grabbing the gift, operate the control lever to move the player to the manual area to put it down.

Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

What is human claw machine?

The human claw machine, is a kind of arcade game machine ,as the name suggests, is to suspend real people, put on boxing gloves, descend into the toy pool to catch their favorite toys or snacks.

The main components of the human claw machine:

  1. Four standing aluminum alloy trusses are used to support the suspension ropes;
  2. The end of the sling is tied to the safety belt and safety buckle on the child to ensure the personal safety.
  3. The lifting console that can control the lifting and lowering of the child’s suspension, and the moving guide rails on the truss can move the position forward and backward, left and right;
  4. The most important is the toy pool, which is filled with children’s favorite dolls, potato chips and colored balls, etc,or other children’s favorite items, preferably lighter items!

Structural features of human claw machine

1.Main lifting parts

The main lifting parts imported from Germany are specially designed for the characteristics of interactive entertainment equipment to ensure the safe operation of ultra-high load and ultra-high popularity continuous work.

2.Control system

Adopts engineering-level professional control system and modules. The appearance design, operation feel, and circuit modules are all made of original imported parts from Taiwan, can realize cabinet-type fixed position control process;

3.High frequency and high strength for repeated lifting

High-intensity cycle work, making players more enjoyable. Avoid the embarrassing scene that the machine cannot operate normally due to too many on-site experiencers and the machine is in a high-frequency working state.

Hot to play gaint human claw machine

1.Usually select a child with a lighter weight to grab the doll. And the parents to operate the machine.Because the child with lighter weight will make the machine easier to control, and their parents to operate the machine beause they will be very careful to guarantee the safty of their child.

2022 Most Popular Human Claw Machine For Sale|China Giant Claw Machine Supplier

2.Take safety measures well, and then keep a safe distance from the bottom to ensure that there will be no problem in falling;

2022 Most Popular Human Claw Machine For Sale|China Giant Claw Machine Supplier3.For small child,need to pay special attention.They are swinging and there may be hard objects below, and it is best to be watched by someone nearby;

2022 Most Popular Human Claw Machine For Sale|China Giant Claw Machine Supplier

4.When everything is ready, control the machine to move the player to the top of the prize, and then put the down down to grab the prize;

2022 Most Popular Human Claw Machine For Sale|China Giant Claw Machine Supplier

5.In order to increase the difficulty and fun of grasping gifts, can move the objects below or increase the shaking intensity;

2022 Most Popular Human Claw Machine For Sale|China Giant Claw Machine Supplier

6.The objects below may be obstacles,can also put blindfolds on the player’s eyes, to increase the freshness and fun of the game;

2022 Most Popular Human Claw Machine For Sale|China Giant Claw Machine Supplier

How much does a human claw machine cost

The price of the gaint human claw machine is between 4000 and 5000 dollars.

2022 Hot Selling Human Claw Machine For Sale|China Giant Claw Machine Supplier