Project Description

Real Life Human Claw Machine


  • Size (GM): width 288-depth 350 height 300

  • Power: 2200V

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

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Feature Of Product

  • Get dressed up and experience the feeling of trapeze catching dolls.

  • Protective hats and gloves, protective nets, wave pools, etc., with all-round safety measures, you can play with confidence. 3. The game is operated by adults, and let the children grab their favorite dolls.

  • This game has a strong sense of on-site interaction, which tests the tacit understanding of parents and children.

  • The program is stable, and the background debugging is convenient, which is convenient for operators to operate and manage.

How To Play

  • Players wear gloves, hats, and lie flat on their safety clothing.

  • The staff press the button to start the lift.

  • Operate the joystick to control the direction.

  • Press the button to slowly lower the player to grab the gift

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