Project Description

Graveyard Smash Arcade Game Machine


  • shooting video redemption game
  • voltage: 110V/220V
  • high-definition screen
  • designed for double control, mounted two shooting guns
  • the games based on the Halloween
  • with different levels for option
  • the lift bar show the health point
  • player: 1~2 players
  • control type: shooting gun and push button
  • high quality made coin selector and ticket dispenser installed

How To Play

1.Insert coins to start the game

2.Hold on the gun to select the game, and press button to confirm;

3.Shoot targets to win more scores, keep pressing the button to escape from the enemy in case of being captured; beat the boss to enter next game level.

4.Game over with no lift or lift not re-fresh.

5. Good luck and play Again!

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How to operate your water shooting Arcade game to get more revenue

To avoid transportation accidents, the water pump is in a vacuum state when it leaves the factory. After the machine arrives at the store, after checking the equipment and confirming that it is not damaged, the equipment can be officially activated.

For the first use, it should be noted that the pump can only be powered on and used normally after it is filled with water. Only 3 simple manual operation steps to do it as below.


Water shooting machine, small mouth water bottle


Connect the orange tube to the white rubber pad in the original state, first press and hold the white rubber pad to the left, then grab the orange water tube and pull it out to the right,

Put the bottle filled with water against the water inlet of the orange tube and add water until it is full, about 1000 ml,

After adding water, grab the orange water pipe and insert it to the right until it reaches the end,  the water addition is completed;

After the above manual operation is completed, turn on the machine and insert coins to do a trial test.Under normal circumstances, after about 10 seconds, the water gun will shoot the water jet normally. After 3 minutes of trial play, check the inside of cabinet to see if there is any water seepage in the joints of the water pipes. If there is water seepage, contact theseller to communicate and deal with it, and the business can be operated normally.