Project Description

Dog Pounder Redemption Game Machine

Dog Pounder with unique, beautiful and comic appearance, interesting and exciting game, it is specially designed and developed by our company for the young people. It will be very essential and popular in amusement center.


  • VOLTAGE: AC220V(50/60HZ)
  • MAX. CURRENT: 0.3A/3A (Note: please refer to the nameplate located on the back of the games to check actual usage of voltage.)
  • MAX. POWER: 650W
  • COIN SIZE:φ21mm ~ φ30mm (diameter) φ1.2mm ~φ2.5mm (thickness)
  • CAPACITY OF COIN BOX: 2800pcs of coins with coin sizeφ25mm*1.5mm
  • LOCATION REQUIRED: -5 ~ 40℃, humidity is less than 90%. No contact with any corrosive liquid, no any greasiness and dirt.
  • DIMENSIONS: L1784mm*W730mm*H2005mm


  • Realistic, colorful; High-speed processing CPU, stable performances; Coin selector with high quality fits for various coins. Simple, strong operational sense and full of entertaining.

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