Project Description

Ar Fishing Machine Interactive Wall Projection

The Basic Situation Of The Fishing Industry

  • There are 140 million fish populations nationwide, and the core population (fishing more than 30 times a year) exceeds 40 million;
    There are more than 80,000 fishing tackle shops and more than 20,000 fishing clubs nationwide, totaling more than 100,000;
    Compared with the pre-70s and post-70s, the post-90s and post-95s have seen outstanding growth rates in the consumption of fishing supplies,especially young consumers born after the 95s, who have been enthusiastic about fishing in the past two years, and the consumption growth rate is 4 times that of the post-70s Around the time, the younger fishing group has gradually become overpowered;Fishing is greatly affected by natural conditions such as seasons and weather. May-September is the golden season for fishing each year;According to Nielsen data, the sales growth rate of fishing supplies from 2016 far exceeds that of other sports such as ball, swimming, and cycling;The increase in the amount of the platform hand-picked money is faster;There are more than 3000 fishing competitions officially organized and officially authorized by CAA China Fishing Sports Association every year;
  • The first season of the fishing gold rush organized by Ali Sports focused on black pit fishing in commercial fish ponds. Ali Sports selected more than 200 fishing grounds in North China and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai for a 13-day competition to share a prize pool of 100,000.Compared with traditional fishing competitions, the fun of Ali Sports Fishing Gold Rush lies in the dual-track online and offline competition mechanism.

Ar Fishing Machine Interactive Wall Projection 

Industry Pain Points

  • Fishing is not an activity that can be carried out anytime and anywhere. It is greatly affected by natural conditions such as seasons and weather. May-September is the golden season for fishing every year.
  • Fishing gear shop, fishing club, fishing enthusiasts can not fully demonstrate the characteristics of fishing gear when they can organize activities. The time is limited. Most of the time there is no fishing, and my hands are itchy. There is no real phishing tool without interactive marketing. Interactive ability.

Fishing simulator

  • First in China, leading in the world: The full 3D design is designed and tested by the top professional anglers in China; it can simulate the underwater sports characteristics of 13 freshwater and seawater fishing species. The maximum fishing weight can be simulated up to 100 kilograms. The sea fishing mode is supported. An unprecedented real fishing experience;
  • Low threshold for use, low environmental requirements, and not restricted by actual conditions: It can be used in an area of 5mx2mx3m, without noise and pollution;
  • Provide interactive experiential marketing and local competitions for fishing tackle shops: conduct simulation tests on various different performance tools, experience on-site, and achieve sales. Gather popularity and increase user residence time. Increase the revenue of new value-added services through prize-winning competitions;
  • Provide points leagues for fishing clubs: open up club member data, provide points leagues, improve club members’ activity and enthusiasm, and increase new value-added service income; provide manufacturers with terminal advertisements: video and image advertisement push functions;

Introduction to Fishing Simulator

  • China’s only intelligent analog fishing device with independent intellectual property rights has successfully applied for a number of national patents.
  • The realistic feel simulates the underwater movement characteristics of a variety of fish, and you can experience the real feel of the fish in the process of fighting with a fishing rod in your hand.
  • The multi-species current version has 13 kinds of fresh and marine fishes for experience.
  • There are multiple levels of elementary, intermediate, and advanced for different groups of people to choose from.
  • Multi-play Luya mode, challenge mode, and competition mode. A variety of ways to play, let people never tire of playing