• Size: length 248 width 180 height 262 cm
  • Weight: 530KG
  • Power: 1300W
  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall
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How To Play

  • This amusement machine has four coin slots, which can support multiplayer mode. Put game coins in the corresponding coin slots, press the OK button to enter the game, use the water gun to select the level, and confirm the selection after a period of time. You can also press the start button when the water gun selects a level to confirm the selection.
  • There are six levels in the game, players can freely choose one of the first five levels, and the last level can only be selected after the first five levels are cleared.
  • Move the water gun to shoot the monsters, defeat the BOSS, that is, when the BOSS’s blood is cleared, you will win. 4. If the player’s life value is zero, the game fails, and it enters the renewal stage. If the player does not renew the currency, it will jump to the Game Over interface and settle the score to end the game.
  • Players have their own scores in the game, and the player’s score is displayed on the top left and right of the screen, defeating enemies and picking up
    The props can get the water gun energy and score. When the water gun energy is full, you can enter the flood mode, defeating the monsters more.
  • If the machine is set to issue tickets, the score will be converted into the corresponding number of lottery tickets. After the game is over, players can obtain the corresponding tickets.
    corresponding lottery tickets.
  • Scoring rules: You can get 50 points for each monster you defeat. Break special objects in the level to get 100 points. Picking up a gold coin earns 20 points.

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