Mini Ferris Wheel Arcade Rides, the perfect wonderland exclusively designed for children, invites our young adventurers for a delightful spin. With each rotation, Mini Ferris Wheel Arcade Rides promises a sky-high experience of joy and excitement, tailored just for kids.

Our Mini Ferris Wheel Arcade Rides are a safe and enchanting attraction, ensuring that every child’s adventure is filled with smiles and laughter. The vibrant colors and gentle motion of the Mini Ferris Wheel Arcade Rides make it a must-visit for every child seeking fun.

Dive into the world of Mini Ferris Wheel Arcade Rides, where every child’s dream of soaring high comes true, in a world crafted just for their amusement and delight.



Power: 130

Frequency: 50

Voltage: 220

Application range: amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center.

Mini Ferris Wheel Arcade Rides

How To Play

1. The Mini Ferris Wheel Arcade Rides are designed to be both safe and suitable for young children.

2. Once seated and secured, the ride will commence. The wheel rotates slowly, gently lifting the cabins into the air. Children can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area, experiencing the excitement of moving up and down in a controlled and safe environment.

3. After a few rotations, the wheel gradually comes to a stop. Children should remain seated until the ride has completely halted and the attendant signals that it is safe to disembark.

4. Staff members are always present to assist children in getting on and off the ride safely. Parents are encouraged to stay nearby to observe and help their children if necessary.

This attraction offers a fantastic way for young kids to enjoy the fun of a Ferris wheel in a safe, controlled indoor setting, making it a popular choice in many shopping malls.