Most Popular Minions Kiddie Ride|Coin Operated Rides For KidsKiddie Rides


Type: Kiddie Rides
Color: Yellow
Size: 820*950*1900mm
Voltage: 110V/220V
Player: 1 Player
MOQ: 1pcs
Language: Enghish
Weight: 110KG
Power: 180W

Minions 7 Minions kiddie rides

Hot To Play

1. Players sit down first, put in corresponding tokens, and the game begins

2. In the normal game, press the “set (OK)” key to enter the main menu

3. Press the “set (OK)” key to enter or exit the item, and press the “up” and “down” keys to select and adjust the item

4. After the game, the machine will stop automatically

What is a kiddie ride

The kiddie ride is a kind of amusement equipment. It can shake, but the single rotation is not completely entertaining. The front of the kiddie ride machine is equipped with a picture or a LCD screen,dynamic animation, etc.,

And it is also equipped with MP3. The music accompaniment while swinging, so that children can enjoy visual and music at the same time.

The swing machine normally has novel appearance and bright colors. It is an amusement machine that children and children love to ride very much. After the kiddie ride is started, the body shakes up and down, back and forth.

This product is suitable for home use for children. The children can grow and learn while having fun every day.

It is also suitable for park playgrounds, children’s palaces, living squares, communities,supermarkets, shopping malls, supermarkets, children’s supplies stores, and shopping malls. and other places. The product has low cost and high return on investment,

What is the material of the kiddie ride

The kiddie ride is mostly made of fiberglass reinforced. It has the following advantages

Load capacity:

fiberglass reinforced material has high strength, which means that the shell made of fiberglass reinforced for the swing machine has higher strength, which can fully ensure the bearing capacity of the machine,while the plastic shell is not as strong as fiberglass material.

Anti-aging properties:

fiberglass shells have strong anti-aging properties, while plastic shells do not have anti-aging properties. The kiddie rides are placed outside, the wind and rain will blow, and the plastic shell will age over time,which is very easy to broke!


The appearance of the machine with the glass fiber reinforced shell is bright and colorful! The effect of the plastic case is not so good!


If the glass fiber reinforced plastic shell is broken, it can be repaired again, and it is very simple, while the plastic shell cannot be repaired if it is broken!

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