Project Description

 Pandora Psa 9s Mini Bartop Arcade Cabinet

Genuine arcade game machine, extraordinary experience, excellent audio and video, new in 2021, beyond perception.

High-end performance new game board

  • It is made of imported chips to integrate electrical components.It is combined with the brand’s self-developed control system. And it breaks through the traditional arcade mode. You can quickly start the game. It solves the freezing and unclear resolution, improves the game experience, and increases the life cycle of arcade game machine.
  • Thousands of games, no need to download, just plug to play, 2D games
  • 3D Games
  • FC Games

 Pandora Psa 9s Mini Bartop Arcade Cabinet

Support WIFI link to download any game freely

  • Turn on the machine, link the WIFI password, the game can be downloaded after it is connected to internet. There is no need to reconfigure the network when the machine is turned on, and the massive resource game can be downloaded as you want.

Plug to play, no need to download many games.

  • No false report, real number, thousands of games to play, including 2D games, 3D games, and massive arcade games waiting for you to play. Beware of low-priced products on the market and false reports on the number of games!

High-end screen quality

  • Industry-leading display technology with precise light control capabilities. Cooperate with the HD monitor you are using, present the game picture with ultra-high precision, contrast and vivid picture details

Support linking to TV link, the screen display is more high-definition

  • Supports true 3D-USB gamepads. All games can be realized by 4 people to play with relatives and friends to gather together, to regain the fun of childhood. Plug in the controller and fight with four people!

Smart dazzling LED lights , battle at night is more exciting

  • 8 colors of lights can be adjusted arbitrarily, battle at night is more exciting. Soft LED lights, non-stimulating and more comfortable
  • Intelligent remote control LED lights control the burning passion music rhythm breathing light to make the game deeper experience

The craftsmanship experience of is more perfect

  • After many mold openings, it is designed according to ergonomics, just to allow you to experience a more comfortable gaming experience, and every detail shows the pursuit of quality

Product parameter

  • Product name: surpeme net red arcade machine
  • Product size: 350*470*290mm
  • Packing size: 415*550*350mm
  • Product type: 10-inch dual-screen arcade machine