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Pandora box arcade video retro game console

Product Instruction

Built-in massive classic arcade games, no need to download, plug and play

5 kinds of power cords are available: Chinesel standard, American standard,British standard, European standard, Taiwan standard.

Built-in languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese

  • Iron plastic box (iron chassis + acrylic panel);
  • Machine size: 65*22.5*6cm; machine net weight: 3KG;
  • Packing size: 69*26*16cm; gross weight: 4.8KG.

Full iron box

  • Machine size: 76*25*5cm; machine net weight: 4KG;
  • Packing size: 80*29*15cm; gross weight: 6KG.

Split plastic box;

  • Machine size: (30*22*5cm)*2; machine net weight: 1.5KG;
  • Packing size: 52*37*20cm; gross weight: 4KG.

Moonlight Box 9D–3001 in 1 (14 3D games), resolution: 1280*720P

Moonlight Box 12–3188 in 1 (50 3D games), resolution: 1280*720P, [with archive function, add game function]

3D Moonlight Treasure Box WIFI Version-4018 in 1 (160 3D games), resolution: 1280*720P, [with archive function, add game function, WIFI function, can connect to server game market to download games]

  • All models can be connected (USB handles/joysticks) for 3-4 people to play at the same time, customize the key sequence, and pause during the game.
  • Compatible with VGA/HDMI2.0/USB/AUX. High-quality screening and optimized game shows are more suitable for HDMIN2.0 high-definition mode. No need to download, no need to set up, built-in speaker. It can be used on home TVs, personal computers, notebooks, projectors, LCD monitors and other film and television equipment, plug and play, the picture is clearer, smoother and stable*The whole machine is guaranteed for one year (motherboard, power supply)

Pandora box Game Console Software

Pandora box arcade game list

What Is The Latest Pandora Box For Arcade?10000 Games In 1 Pandora’s Box Arcade Game List

8000 in 1 pandora box arcade game list

Model appearance comparison

  • Iron-plastic box: metal base, acrylic panel, LED colorful lights

pandora box arcade

  • Full metal box: full metal chassis, panel UV sticker, luxurious and stable

pandora box 5 arcade Game Console

  • Split plastic box (the distance between two people is up to 1.4 meters): metal base, acrylic panel, two people are not crowdedro play together

pandora box arcade cabinet

Full-iron model, ultra-thin body

Game Console

  • A/Ultra-thin: ultra-thin body, thickness is only 5CM. 1.0MM thick iron plate, very sturdy;
  • B/Material: high-grade painted metal chassis, with the characteristics of good surface finished, fine luster, and strong anti-oxidation;
  • C/Stickers: Imported PVC environmental protection waterproof stickers, bright colors, high degree of simulation, long preservation time and other advantages. UV printing technology.
  • D/Interface: Integrated interface. Switch,HDMI,VGA,audio,volume,USB, etc. are integrated on the motherboard, which is simple and convenient.
  • E/Button: Six buttons for professional standard competitions, ergonomic shooting, and the order of the buttons is arranged according to the habits of fighting masters.
  • F/Line routing: Ten years of installation workers to install the machines, the line is neat and uniform, to prevent the safety problems caused by the short circuit of the line.

Iron-plastic machine product specifications

Game Console product specifications

Thin metal Box Model

Acrylic panel + PVC sticker, the pattern is clear and not easy to fade; the lamination adopts all-metal lamination, which is thin and good in texture, which reduces the cost of export logistics and freight. The thermal sublimation is equipped with six-key positions, and the body is non-slip and stable. The smooth lines of the chassis are more high-end.

  • 6 cm high, thin chassis;
  • The edges are transparent and the lines are smooth;
  • Ergonomic six-key design;
  • Six non-slip foot pad at the bottom, which is stable and not easy to move.

Product Parameter

  • Length 30CM Width 22CM Height 5CM
  • Product name: Home arcade Console
  • Product voltage: 12V safe Voltage
  • Packing size: 35*22*28CM
  • Product interface: VGA/computer, HDMI/HD, AUX/audio port, USB/computer
  • Product material: ABS plastic case, imported PVC waterproof sticker
  • Sufficient: the product size is measured by hand,may have error 0.5-1CM

Game Console

Game Console

Product Photos

Game Console

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