Cut 4 Prize Game Machine For Sale


  • Size: D553*W853*H1865mm

  • Weight: 100

  • Power: 255

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Prize Game Machine
Prize Game Machine
Prize Game Machine

How To Play

  • Coin-operated start

  • Press and hold the button and observe the position where the scissors move

  • Move to the position of the rope and release the button


  • Each position has a motherboard, a single position is damaged, other positions can be used normally, 5 units can be connected to 20 positions (this function can be turned off when a single unit is purchased), the chance of winning is shared, and the probability of winning a single unit is higher, which is more attractive to players.

  • The color of the long light bar can be set in the background, and the light of the winning machine flashes when the prize is won.

  • Control desk lamp power supply separate power supply box to reduce failure rate.

  • Customization range: lighting color; appearance stickers and colors, materials; top LOGO; console LOGO; gameplay, etc.

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