65″ AR Sniper Elite III Sniper Arcade Game Machine


Size:D210*W260*H240cm 65” LCD screen 2000W 250KG 4P

Independently developed software.

Host configuration:gigabyte brand main board / gigabyte brand GPU / solid-state drive.

65″ SKYWORTH brand LCD screen.

Independently developed high quality sniper guns (2 Barret sniper guns + 2 A30 sniper guns).

Eluan brand compressor.

Machine structure: metal structure.

Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center

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Sniper Arcade Game Content Introduction

In the 21st century, with the acceleration of globalization, terrorist events are becoming more and more frequent in the global scope, such as kidnapping, drug production, and killing innocents, with more inhuman means. In this context, the global anti-terrorism alliance has emerged, and their mission is to maintain world peace and war…

The game features

1.Next generation scene, vivid picture, smooth experience

2.Unique four-dimensional parallel sub-mirror technology, with the host, different scenes and different gameplay, four game bits can operate independently to play

3.Original machine to play more than one machine, small footprint, strong competitive atmosphere

4.Unique naked eye immersion visual experience, small tube mirror has a big world

5.Signboard lifelike auxiliary experience such as lifting, synchronous recoil feedback, automatic locking, automatic zoom in and out

6.The game is divided into eight levels in blood bar mode, each level has its own characteristics, and the competition mode is divided into five scenes

7.The game uses intelligent AI algorithms, and the way enemies move and fight is more variable

8.There are a variety of skills in the game to kill, greatly enhance the game to play and enhance the level of players

The graphics

1.When standby, there is a game title introduction Main screen content

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Gun position screen content