Cocktail Arcade Machine Parameter

  • Material: 18 cm MDF
  • Size: 980*640*680MM
  • Function: Fighting
  • Product category: shooting machine
  • Applicable number: double
  • Applicable age: 3+
  • Applicable scenarios: chess and card entertainment, sports trends, venues and entertainment equipment
  • Wooden frame size: W980*D760*H850=1 Estimated weight 60㎏
  • The whole cabinet can be installed
  • 20 feet: 63
  • 40HP:126
  • Cocktail Arcade Machine Game List

    60 in 1 classic arcade games

    Ms Pacman Galaga Frogger
    Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior Donkey Kong 3
    Galaxian Dig Dug Crush Roller
    Mr. Do Space Invaders Pacman
    Galaga3 Gyruss Tank Battalion
    1942 Ladybug Burger Time
    Mappy Centipede Millipede
    JR Pacman Pengo Phoenix
    Time Pilot Super Cobra Hustler
    Space Panic Super Breakout New Rally X
    Arkanoid  Qix Juno Frist
    Xevious Mr. Do’s Castle Moon Cresta
    Pinball Action Scramble Super Pacman
    Bomb Jack Shao-Lin’s Road King & Balloon
    1943 Van-Van Car Pacman Plus
    Dig Dug 2 Amidar Zaxxon
    Pooyan Pleiads Gun.Smoke
    The End 1943 Kai Congo Bongo
    Jumping Jack MS. Pacman 2 GaLaga 2
    Pacman 2 Jr Pacman 2 Pacman Plus2

Cocktail Table Arcade Games


  • 4S(815); 5S(1299); 6S(1388)
  • 9S (2020 household use cannot install coin acceptor) plus USD10

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