Original Tekken 7 Arcade Machine


  • Product Name:  Tekken 7 arcade mode Machine
  • Type: Video Game 
  • Size: 810*820*1870mm
  • Weight: 170KG
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 450W
  • Ages: Kids and adult
  • Application: Amusement game center, family entertainment center, arcade game center, shopping mall

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Introduction to Tekken 7 Arcade Machine

  • Tekken 7 is a 3D action fighting arcade game produced and released by Bandai Namco. It was launched as a new arcade game version in Japan on February 18, 2015. And it logged in on PC, PS4, and XboxOne on June 2, 2017. It is the latest sequel to the popular fighting arcade game series Tekken, the 7th version Tekken series.
  • This work mainly tells the origin of the hatred between Kazuya Mishima and his son Heihachi Mishima. It explains the origin of the evil genes of the Mishima family. The game story starts with Tekken 6, the world was involved in the conflict between the Mishima chaebol and the G company. As the whereabouts of the head of the Mishima chaebol Jin Kazama was missing, the Mishima chaebol group had no leader.  The conflict with the G company was broken. At this time, Heihachi Mishima, who had been missing since Tekken 5, appeared. He re-declared the ownership of the Mishima chaebol. And at the same time he announced to hold the Tekken tournament to the world.
  • At this time, a reporter who lost his wife and children due to the war began to investigate the roots of the Mishima family. This involved the origin of the devil gene and the father-son conflict between Kazuya Mishima and Heihachi Mishima. There are total 37 controllable characters in the game. In addition to the familiar characters as original players, new characters and random characters are added for players to choose from. And new characters will continue to be added in the future. Each character has different skills and attack characteristics. Players need to master its characteristics to be proficient in application.
  • Tekken 7 is with the new systems called Rage Arts and Power Clash. The Rage Art system is closely related to the health of game characters when they compete. If the health value drops to a certain value, the character will become a state Enraged State. It will increase their defense power and release Furious Art. It is a unique move, and each character is different. How to operate NBGI is not described in detail. According to the description, this may be the most similar to the Awakening Skill in Persona 4.
  • The power collision system is another unique attack skill. When a character performs a strike action, it does not shrink back from being attacked. It is unknown how many times the power collision can be used, or how often the character will be attacked. As a conversion, the attack power of the character will increase. It is a risky approach. Similar to Furious Art, different characters also have different power collision moves,
  • After Bandai Namco announced the Tekken 7 arcade public test and the new female character Catalina, players have become more and more looking forward to this fighting arcade game machine. The information and details of the work have been constantly exposed.
  • The new role females announced at the TGS were from South America. She was called Catalina. It is a gentleman Savate from France with foot skills.
  • The Catalina operation mode belongs to the new operation mode such as continuous pressing of the button.
  • In the public beta version of the Japanese arcade Tekken 7 on October 3, 2014, Catalina can use the official operation! In addition, there is a mysterious new character from the European region that can also be used too! There are total 2 new characters in this public test version.
  • The public beta version of Tekken 7 is still in the development stage, and the quality displayed image and game graphics can only reach half of the official version.
  • Tekken 7 began to reduce a large number of characters, and applied in the public beta version to try out the player’s reservation and deletion of each character.
  • The game system of Tekken 7 revolves around 2 new systems. 2 brand new elements will be added to the existing system. It is worthy looking forward to. However, it is not yet known what the two new systems are, and they can be disclosed after the on-site store network battle test on October 3!

Tekken Game event

  • In January 2016, it became one of the EVO2016 competition events.
  • In August 2018, Tekken 7 announced to add Negan, the character of the The Walking Dead on Evo 2018. And his iconic baseball bat Lucille.
  • On August 6, 2018, the total sales of the Tekken series reached 47 million.
  • On September 6, 2018, the two new characters Anna Williams and Lei Wulong in Tekken 7 were officially launched.
  • On December 3, 2018, the second season Tekken 7 added three new characters: Craig Marduk, Leopard King and Julia Chang.
  • On February 17, 2019, Tekken 7 announced the last two new characters of the second season, the mixed-race beauty Julie.