Project Description

Magic Rabbit Arcade Ticket  Games

Ticket Redemption Arcade Games Dimension And Technical Parameter

  • Voltage: AC220V±5% 50Hz or AC 110V±5% (or make the reference with the mark);
  • Power:1000 W;
  • Dimension:W1760*D1505*H2720(mm);
  • Weight:About 200 kg;
  • TEMPERATURE :(INDOOR)-10~+40℃ Humidity:≤90%; PRESSURE:86Pa~106Pa.

Magic Rabbit  Arcade Ticket Games How To Play Magic Rabbit Ticket Redemption Arcade Games

  • Insert coins, press the start button, the game begins.
  • Roll the magic ball to scroll the patterns on the screen.When it stops scrolling, you can get tickets, get equipment, or have a little game.
  • If you collect all the equipment,you will have a battle with the BOSS,and have a chance to win the Jackpot.

Magic Rabbit  Arcade Ticket Games

The Structure Of Machine

Magic Rabbit  Arcade Ticket Games

Ticket Redemption Arcade Games Features

  • Redemption machines.
  • The game is new, exciting and entertaining.
  • The appearanceis elegant, colorful and delicate.
  • Used with large-scale integrated circuits and built-in programs. The functionality is stable and reliable.
  • Used with high quality ticket dispenser.
  • Meet the general type of tickets.
  • Use high quality coin selector, the diameter of coins can be adjusted from 20mm to 28mm,which is accurate and stable.
  • Game programming and revenue ratio are easily to adjust.