Machine size(D*W*H):1750mm*1468mm*1377mm

Packed size(D*W*H):1765*1478mm*1385mm

Weight :226.8Kg

voltage:AC 110V/220V

frequency range:50HZ/60HZ


Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Best Price Ticket Redemption Game|Arcade Redemption Tickets Supplier

Best Price Ticket Redemption Game|Arcade Redemption Tickets Supplier

How to play

Press the button and the game begins. Dinosaur head sticking out to score

Keep eating the ball and score higher.

Eat the metal ball, automatic lottery.

The total number of four lights in the lucky draw will get the prize of twisting eggs.


Buy a game to play according to nature, which makes it easy for kids to get involved.

Buy the ticket with bright colors, rich lighting, unique styling and fresh style.

Static mechanical mechanism is sturdy and durable. Infrared eyes imported from Japan are used for initial detection and goal infrared of four targets. At the same time, the mechanism adopts big-brand DC deceleration motor to extend, and the sliding track is high-quality precision miniature track, which is stable and reliable.

Static control circuit is stable and reliable, and the program is stable after years of practical use.

Buy a ticket to buy a high-quality lottery machine, which ADAPTS to universal lottery, transferring the ticket to a card system if you don’t need a ticket issuing function.

Best Price Ticket Redemption Game For Sale Made In China