Project Description

Time 2 Win Arcade Ticket Games


  • Size: W720mm*D720mm*H2050mm
  • Volume:2m³
  • Weight: 165kg
  • Power:300W
  • Player:1
  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall


Classic rotating gift bar gift machine. There are 8 gift bars and two gift options. Pass the first three levels and get the small gift rewards in the 4 positions below. All the management cards can choose the above prizes. Only the token coin acceptor can be used as a video game city. At the same time, there is also a lottery version with the same gameplay. Point rewards.

How to play: Pay to start the game, choose the time to press the game button, and the needle will stop within the specified range at that time to pass the level. You can choose a gift or continue the game through the first level, and you can choose the final prize gift through all levels.

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