Fantastic Journey Video Arcade Redemption Machine


Size: L1270*W1570*H2650mm

Weight: 350

Power: 350

Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

 Best Video Arcade Redemption Machine Made In China

How To Play

1. After inserting coins, press the OK button. The pointer starts to swing left and right, and stops in the interval of 1~2, 3~4, 5~6, the dice rolls the corresponding interval number, and the character walks the corresponding number of squares to win the lottery ticket;

2. If you go to a special grid, there will be a small game, and you will get a lottery ticket or dice randomly;

3. To occupy a landmark building, each player can only occupy one. After the landmark is occupied, other players will trigger the scratch-off game if they go to the landmark. The players who occupy the landmark and the players who trigger the game can get corresponding rewards.

4.The classic Monopoly game, the gameplay is simple and easy to use, and the picture is exquisite and eye-catching;

5.Three people, high revenue, stylish design;

6.Four major game scenes, a variety of game props, surprises are everywhere.

Best Video Arcade Redemption Machine Made In China