42 Inch virtual pinball machine for sale

How To Play

  • Please select the game and press [Start] to enter.

  • Left/right slow selection key: move left or right to select the game (hold down the key will keep moving left or right)

  • Left/right fast selection keys: you can turn pages in alphabetical order to view

  • Please insert the coin, and then press the [Start button] to start the game.

  • Press the [launch button] or pull the [draw lever] to make the ball, the ball will fall out of the fairway, and the game is over.

  • Press the [Exit button] during the game to exit the game.


Working voltage: AC220V 50 Hz

Working current: 1.6A

Maximum power: 350W

Dimensions: 1376*824*1863 (mm)

42 Inch Virtual Pinball Machine For Sale

Refund Instructions:

  • After the end of each game, the corresponding number of lottery tickets will be automatically withdrawn based on the player’s performance. Specifically, you can enter the “Tiket setting” to set the refund value.

  • When the lottery ticket is insufficient, missing tickets or refund failure, please make up the lottery ticket or press [Return Ticket Recovery Key] to continue exiting the lottery after the failure is repaired.

42 Inch Virtual Pinball Machine For Sale

Game Settings

After exiting the game, press and hold the [Settings key] for about 3 seconds to enter the setting menu.