Project Description

Water Shooting Arcade Game For Sale|Kids Arcade Video Games For Sale


  • Size: W1240mm*D2520mm*H2270mm
  • Package size: 5m
  • Weight: 300kg
  • Power: 700W
  • Number of players: 2

Water Shooting Arcade Description

  • In line with the purpose of “craftsman spirit”, our engineer’s ingenuity lasted countless days and nights, and the new water jet “Defense Lollipop” created by our engineers was shocked and launched in early March 2018.
  • True 3D
    The industry’s only 2D/3D free switching water jet (true 3D). The picture effect is lifelike, and the 3D scene has cost engineers so much effort. The 3D glasses effect combined with the visual experience brought by the 47-inch super large screen makes the game process richer and more exciting, giving players an immersive experience, and free switching between 2D and 3D effects.
  • Tower defense game
    The only water jetting machine with tower defense style in the industry. Break through the blind gameplay of the traditional water jet machine, pass all the cards with technology and wisdom, and swear to not stop if you don’t pass the game. It is more suitable for adults and children to cooperate in battle to clear customs, so as to achieve the effect of parent-child interaction, and the stickiness is very high. Protect lollipops from being eaten by monsters by breaking through levels. During the game, you can obtain different props by looking for accumulation: big blisters, ice-bound miles, and frost flying. Various cool effects are waiting for players to challenge. It breaks through the blind monster gameplay of the traditional water jet machine. Through the cooperation of the two players, the intimate interaction between adults and children is truly realized, the combination of educational entertainment, the true 3D glasses effect and the vision brought by the 47-inch super large screen The experience makes the game process richer and more exciting, and greatly improves the stickiness between the child and the machine, allowing the children to enjoy it and linger.
  • Original monster
    This product breaks through the traditional single gameplay of fighting zombies and monsters. The top exterior designer team devotes themselves to creating the equipment shape. The appearance of the machine adopts the only color matching in the industry, which is more in line with the international route. The cool and dreamy glass fiber reinforced plastic, cartoon shape, simulated car rear, and seat comfort have been adjusted to create The craftsmanship that stands out in today’s chaotic times is a water gun developed for children’s sincere love for water guns. It combines the elements of lollipops. The appearance of the machine adopts the only color combination in the industry and a cool and dreamy glass steel shape. Create craftsmen that stand out in the era of chaos in the water jet machine.

High Quality Defend The Lollipop Water Shooting

Defend the lollipop game play introduction:

There are a total of 4 scene levels, each with 6 to 8 batches of monsters. Players can freely choose any level to challenge, and each level has different difficulty. In the game, our task is to protect lollipops from being eaten by monsters. Shooting props will gain enhanced effects such as frost flying, ice-bound thousands of miles, and super blisters. Shooting plants can also get extra points. The higher the points you get, the higher the reward. The more lottery tickets.

How to operate your water shooting Arcade game to get more revenue

To avoid transportation accidents, the water pump is in a vacuum state when it leaves the factory. After the machine arrives at the store, after checking the equipment and confirming that it is not damaged, the equipment can be officially activated.

For the first use, it should be noted that the pump can only be powered on and used normally after it is filled with water. Only 3 simple manual operation steps to do it as below.


Water shooting machine, small mouth water bottle


Connect the orange tube to the white rubber pad in the original state, first press and hold the white rubber pad to the left, then grab the orange water tube and pull it out to the right,

Put the bottle filled with water against the water inlet of the orange tube and add water until it is full, about 1000 ml,

After adding water, grab the orange water pipe and insert it to the right until it reaches the end,  the water addition is completed;

After the above manual operation is completed, turn on the machine and insert coins to do a trial test.Under normal circumstances, after about 10 seconds, the water gun will shoot the water jet normally. After 3 minutes of trial play, check the inside of cabinet to see if there is any water seepage in the joints of the water pipes. If there is water seepage, contact theseller to communicate and deal with it, and the business can be operated normally.