The Famous Amazing Female Character In Tekken Series Game.

There are many classic and popular female character in Tekken series game. And many player who didn’t play tekken are also know the name. Because all of the female character are the special in the game.

Tekken game is the classic fighting game. And they are insist to make the 3D fighting game all the time from beginning. But before the technology maturity, all character from Tekken are show like the mosaic. Till the new technology coming, the player know their real look.

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There are more than 10 story for the tekken series game and every story has the interested character. The female character what we are concern about are appear in this games.

So, what are the amazing female characters in the Tekken series game?

I think many of the palyer are don’t know the original Tekken. In this game, there just few of the femail character, but they are all very famous.

Nina Williams and Michelle

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As the first female character from the original tekken game,  Nina is always been super popular. From the original to the The King of Fighters 7. She will show in every series game with new look. It seems that it is the famous game character of Namco games. And she is the best   representative of the female character.

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From the original Tekken 7, there are still another classic female character. She is Michelle. She is appear at the first and second story in the Tekken and the following are her daughter –  Julia chang.

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In Tekken 2, it has new character of Jun Kazama. But because of the develop of story, Jun Kazama out off the game soon. In the Tekken 5, there has a famous character, we can seem that is the re-born of Jun Kazama.

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Also, in the Tekken series game, his Boss is relate with Jun Kazama. Many player said that it is the Jun Kazama after demonication.

In the final of Jin Kazama, she is change to  Jun Kazama for the short time. But before she called his Mom, Jun Kazama was disappear.


From Tekken 3, the cute character of Ling Xiaoyu is appear. But she is just a little girl at that time. With the game develop, the little girl become the beauty lady.


 Asuka Kazama

Asuka Kazama is a popular female character for a long time. And many player said she is the first girl. Actually, Asuka Kazama is really similar with Jun Kazama. The look is clean and neat also chic and sexy. So she is famous in these year. But in Tekken 7, it seems a little fat then before.



The daughter of Monaco’s daughter, the only daughter of Monaco’s oil king

Lily’s natural temperament of the eldest lady, that kind of queen fan is not something everyone can do.

Many people wonder why Lily always battle with Asuka Kazama? It is because Lily was defeated by Asuka Kazama in “Tekken 5”, and has always wanted revenge since.

There is also a character in Street Fighter who is very similar to Lily’s setting, that is the eldest lady – Karin.


Alisa Bosconovitch

Elsa – a gentle, kind and cute robot

She is the only robotic girl in the “Tekken” series who regards herself as a real human being. In her opinion, she is a human being.

Appeared in “Tekken 6” and CG cartoon “Tekken: Blood Vengeance”, it is very popular. Because this character is a collection of all the female characteristics that players like, it’s just a little bit puzzled. Are the other functions complete?

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She has the beauty not inferior to his sister, but her personality is very different from her sister.

It can be understood that Anna and Nina’s perennial rivalry is one of the popular sources of the “Tekken” series.

The sisters didn’t have any deep hatred, just because some personal thinking. In fact, the players can also see that Anna has always caused trouble, and Nina’s fight is just a counterattack. However, it is estimated that players like Anna, a girl who is careful, jealous and jealous of others!